Setting Up A Facebook Business Page

Josh Donelson
Sep 16th, 2016 Marketing, SEO

We live in the digital age, where information is shared with a click of a button. We express ourselves in likes and shares, and social media platforms have changed the way we interact as a society. So, how has it impacted your small business? Facebook is the third largest visited website next to YouTube and Google to-date. It is no wonder why businesses have been scrambling to set up a Facebook business page. Facebook brings a lot to the table in terms of small business marketing from simple posts that engage the user, target ads, product listing, and lead tracking.

Before you set up a Facebook business page, you must ask yourself a few questions. Call it your "Social Media Marketing Checklist". This will help you define how well-equipped your are to handle the set-up and execution of a proper social media strategy.

Social Media Marketing Checklist:

  • Have you already set up a Facebook business? If so, when was the last time you posted?
  • Do you have time to register the page and plug-in the information?
  • After you're done setting up a Facebook business page, who will manage it?

If you find that you are lacking the time to properly set up and manage your page, you will want to consider outsourcing your social media management. This will ensure you are always active with your small business' Facebook page and engaging your audience and potential customers. Now, let's get down to the nitty-gritty.

Step 1: Setting Up A Facebook Business Page setting up a Facebook business page

After you set up a Facebook business page, navigate to the drop-down arrow located at the top right of your dashboard. Here, you will see a list of existing pages and a "Create" or "Manage" option. For this purpose, click the create option. Once you click the create option, you will be prompted to select a category for your Facebook business page. These categories include:

  • Local Business or Place
  • Company, Organization or Institution
  • Brand or Product
  • Artist, Band or Public Figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or Community

Be sure to select the right category for your Facebook business page as the functionality and information provided varies from category to category.

Step 2: Plug-in key business information

After you have selected your Facebook business page category, you will input the data that you would like your potential customers to find. This is the most basic information about your business listing. Though most of this information is a no-brainer, it is very important to make sure you double-check the information to ensure your listing is correct.

Once you complete the required fields, you will be ready to dive deeper into your profile. Again, the majority of this information will be simple to fill in, but some of the areas may require some deeper thought, like you mission statement or long description. This is where potential customers will find more in-depth information about your company, should they not click through to your website. During this step you will want to gather:

  • Company logo
  • Branded cover photo
  • Long description/Mission statement
  • Products/Services
  • Additional Contact information

Now, that you've filled in these areas, your page is nearly complete.

Step 3: Create a Call-To-Action button how to set up a Facebook business page

What good is a Facebook business page if there is not call-to-action? Even though you have relayed valuable information to potential customers, you will want to steer them in the direction that fits your end result. If you are an e-commerce based company, you would use a Shop Now button. If you are simply trying to inform and educate, a Learn More button would suffice. The most popular CTAs for a Facebook business page are:

  • Call Now
  • Book Now
  • Contact Us
  • Shop Now
  • Sign Up
  • Watch Video
  • Learn More

Companies that use a strong call-to-action when setting up a Facebook business page experience higher audience engagement.

VoilĂ , you now have set up a Facebook business page. However, you are not quite done yet. A business page is only as strong as the content that you are providing.

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