5 Tips To Use Social Media In Your Sales Funnel

5 Tips To Use Social Media In Your Sales Funnel

A large part of my job is to partner with our clients to execute a digital marketing strategy that best meets their short and long term goals. Maximizing a social media strategy includes a few moving parts including; website SEO, social media optimization and quality content to all work together to get the right message in front of the right audience. A well-designed website is just the start. For many of the clients I get to work with, executing a social strategy to deliver their brand’s message, product or service is a valuable asset to their sales funnel.

Why social media in your sales funnel?

Effectively using social media is not just about posting content on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Building a social strategy for your social channel can achieve a few things for your sales funnel:

  • Attract Visitors
  • Convert Visitors
  • Close Leads
  • Create Customer Buzz
  • Build Brand Loyalty

The challenge is that there is no standard guide. There is no single way to apply social media as an effective resource to your sales funnel. Each brand is different, and so is the way your customers build a relationship with social channels. Building an effective social strategy begins with a conversation.

5 tips to use social media in your sales funnel

1. Like a first date – it will be weird at first

Attracting visitors through your social channel will be weird at first. You might be thinking that your demographic is not on social media. Think again. Observe the world around you. Take an extra moment after work to sit outside on a patio. Watch people walk by. Everyone is on their phone. The phone has our attention right now. Due in large part to top social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You have a few seconds and a small screen to attract the attention of a visitor. You have to make sure that from the very first second you are presenting the best digital impression. The impression is largely visual. Make sure that your profile looks clean, branded, and eye-catching. The profile image should be a clear image that is interesting. Your bio or “about me” section should be informative and compelling to read. The posts on your social media platform should be informative, engaging, and valuable. Give value to your visitors so they want to follow, subscribe, or like your page.

2. It’s not them – it is you

A little bit of truth. As a business owner, you need those visitors more than they need to visit you. You have to give your customers the best content you can. Customers not only want to feel engaged and connected with the brand, but they also want “something” from the brand. This ranges from content that provides tips, tricks, and insider information about the process and the product. Providing promotions and contests are ways to engage with your audience. Collectively this helps build credibility within your space. Visitors can see that not only do you offer a fantastic product or service, but you are also providing value. If your brand is providing value to the consumer, that is what is going to win your visitors over.

3. Always be closing is a real thing

The benefit of creating a social media strategy for your social marketing is that you can plan out how and when is the best time to make that “ask”. The goal of using social media in your sales funnel is to lead your visitors from awareness to closing the lead. The actions you take in posting content should be leading up to closing that deal. If you have planned out your strategy and thought about what your customer’s needs are, you would have given your visitors enough valuable content that the next step is to close the deal or ask for a specific action. Constantly selling to your visitors is not what they want. It’s like if you were selling to a visitor in person. You would want to build the relationship and then ask for them to make the purchase.

4. Good buzz is the only buzz

Once you close that lead, cross your fingers for that buzz. You want your consumer to enjoy the product and post about it. The increase in the number of people turning to social channels for product reviews or recommendations is on the rise. You want your consumer to mention you on their preferred social channel. This cements the importance of engagement. Respond back, even it if is a simple, “thank you”. Keeping happy consumers around is a necessity because they are more likely to recommend or refer others to your product or service. This in-turn helps bring fresh visitors to your sales funnel and the process moves again.

5. You want fans

When someone on Facebook posts that they are looking for a tree service company, you want someone to mention you. Building brand loyal evangelists is your secret weapon. These people are the ones who, without even asking, will recommend a service or product you provide. These are brand loyal customers and they are your most valuable asset.

Building strategy is key when it comes to using social media for your sales funnel. Contact us to talk about how we can help you.


Jeremiah Williams
Jeremiah Williams
Marketing Account Lead
May 31st, 2017 • Paid Social


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