Meet our New Marketer, Ali!

May 13th, 2021 Updates

Hey you! I’m Ali - humble with a hint of Kanye paired with Drake feelings. I’m a gifted napper, an empathetic friend, and a hard worker with a strong passion for marketing and branding.

 What 3 traits define you?

  • Empathetic
    • My first-grade teacher, Ms. Pace, once told my mom at parent/teacher conferences that, “Ali can walk into a room and immediately recognize and feel what every kid needs at that moment. Then she will meet them where they are and either encourage them or walk alongside them in their pain.” I love people. 
  • Observant
    • I like to know what is going on around me at all times. I developed hypervigilance from trauma as a child. It makes me feel like I have superpowers when I can listen to multiple conversations at once and understand what is happening.
  • Cheetos
    • Why didn’t anyone tell me that they are Gluten-Free?! I could have been happily snacking for years!

If there was a movie about your life, who would you like to see cast?

The movie "Pretty Woman" was written about me - minus a few minor details about my character's career path! I am the real life incarnation of true love - a hopeless romantic, if you will. I found the love of my life by complete accident - ignored the sign and reconnected by coincidence 6 years later. So cute you already have happy tears!

What is your favorite place in the wor…. Disney World

I’m the person you love to hate, a Disney adult. It wasn’t a part of my childhood, it was my childhood. I’m the childless-adult that enters full sprint breathing in all the magic topped with Mickey ears...unapologetically.

What are some of your favorite spots in Indy?

The canal. I can’t have a dog in my current housing situation, so I go to puppy watch and the dog parents of Indy never disappoint. I mean, have you seen a corgi run? Convince me there’s something cuter in life.

If you could learn anything, what would it be?

I would love to have a green thumb. Can you learn that? Because I stay killing plants. I want to be that girl on #plantstagram that shows my plant collection MTV Cribs style. Accompanied by the occasional humble brag of my plant baby growing a new leaf.

If you weren’t in marketing, what would your career path be?

Well, according to my 8th grade letter to myself, I would be an actress. Probably starring in the next Oscar Nominated film. I was a theater kid which only means I’m hyper dramatic and walk around with a theme song at all times.

How do you define success?

Love, mental and physical health, friends, family...abundance is where you choose to see it. Feeling grateful for all life has bestowed upon you rather than dwelling on the things you don’t have. That to me is success. A recovering perfectionist, I’m choosing to see the joy in all things.

Most importantly — what shows are you watching, what podcasts have your attention and what music has your ears? 

TV: Billie Eilish’s new documentary. A movie, but still. Wow. This girl is not only talented, she’s raw and real and everything. Just everything. Go watch it. Or don’t. But also, Bar Rescue. I love a good trainwreck Cinderella story.

Podcasts: How Did This Get Made. Have you ever seen a movie that’s so bad that it’s absolutely incredible? HDTGM reviews in detail movies on the list of dumpster dives. It’s pretty crucial that the movie was filmed in an earnest attempt to capture an Oscar Nomination, but instead ended up delivering a labyrinthine trainwreck. Tammy and the T-Rex. Well worth the $4.99 to rent.

Music: Frank Sinatra. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

The average person spends nearly 20 hours a week on social media. How does yours rank?

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