Content Marketing Strategy

Develop an engaging content marketing strategy to build SEO success

Content marketing strategy is the most important tool when it comes to digital marketing. If your content doesn’t give your audience value, that effort was wasted. You should be executing content calendar planning, keyword and topic research, and sharing your blog to get your content to the right people. Creating thorough, keyword-rich content for your audience builds credibility and establishes your brand as a “go-to” source on the topic. Sharing your content helps build loyalty and nurtures your leads and customers to ready them to make a purchase when asked or prompted with a promotion.

How Kicks Digital Marketing can help with content marketing

Let the professionals who specialize in content marketing strategy help you, so you can focus on growing your business in other areas. We want your message to succeed because that means we are doing our best for you. We work with you to discover, analyze, and clarify your vision and goals for your digital content marketing. Our Marketing Team will develop a content calendar that focuses on the best use of keyword impact for effective blogs and find ways to share your message. The goal is to get your content in front of the right clients.
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Let’s Get Technical: Content Marketing Strategy
There is a fine balance between marketers using tools to get content in front of people and interrupting the end user’s experience. Even the best advertising doesn’t guarantee action or a return. For example, it is uncommon for someone to share an ad they saw on Facebook. (Super Bowl advertising is the exception) Yet, people do share content. They share really good content. Source found that “27 million pieces of content are shared per day.” That’s a lot of content that didn’t have to advertise. Creating content marketing strategy the right way can provide a huge return on your investment. It just has to be done the right way, and with purpose.

Content Calendar Planning

Creating a content calendar is the best way to ensure all your digital marketing efforts work together to support the same message and goal for your brand. The calendar plans out the content marketing strategy that will be produced for your site. This makes it easy to know what content is going to your customers and when. 

Take for example, during the summer months you may offer some sort of promotion. Your content marketing calendar should include content leading up to the summer months supporting why a customer should take advantage of the promotion. Great content is key for a business as it is easily shareable and gives value to your customer while not feeling like an ad. Hubspot’s 2016 report stated that “72% of consumers say they would have a lower opinion of a brand if they subjected the consumer to a pop-up ad.” Advertising to your audience is evolving. Start with giving them quality content.

Keyword and Topic Research

Creating good, unique content is just part of the equation. The content needs to be relevant to what is being searched. Utilizing keyword and topic research will help provide the best opportunities to rank for search in Google. The better the use of keywords and topics the higher the rank. Search engines are smart enough to realize that it is quality content and will praise content creators that produce it. 

There are a couple of ways to get information about what people are searching. Google is the big one. With an AdWords account, one could search what top keywords are for your business or industry. Then you can identify the ones that best fit your business, and create content around those words or topics. This means that if people search a specific word or topic, your content has a better chance of getting in front of the right people.

Content Marketing and the Blog

Once you have your content marketing plan in a calendar and identified the keywords, it is time to write the content. Blog content can be a huge asset for your digital marketing efforts. It is a way to build credibility in your industry, nurture prospective clients, and promote products or services to existing clients. Well written blog posts are also easily shareable on social media channels. Hubspot stated that “94% of people who share posts do so because they think it might be helpful to others.”

Blogging is another way to tell your brand’s story and mission. It plays a strategic role in the digital marketing aspect of a larger marketing plan. With the right preparation and strategy, it can provide a big return on your investment.
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