Content Marketing

It All Starts With Words.

Engaging content is a foundational tool for digital marketing, and is rooted in solid storytelling. From live video to keyword-rich blog posts, your content is your livelihood and with it, you can establish credibility and build trust, making your company a household name within your industry—and it all starts with your message. Every brand has something important to say. We’re here to help you say it.

Our dedicated Content Strategist and writers follow the same process, working with you to uncover your company’s unique brand voice to fully immerse your audience in engaging website content, blog posts, white papers, and social media messaging.

Content Calendar Planning

Creating a content calendar is the best way to ensure all your digital marketing efforts work together to support the same message and goal for your brand. Content planning eliminates duplicate efforts and stretches quality information across multiple platforms. Our Marketing Strategists work to uncover your business objectives and find unique ways to drive engagements through content strategy. Your content calendar makes it easy to know what content is going to your audience and when.

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Asset Collection

It’s essential to take stock of what assets you have available: photography, infographics, and video, then cross-reference those assets with upcoming initiatives, as well as seasonal product or service pushes. We’ll stay on top of the things we have and keep a running ‘wishlist’ of items we still need to get you to be at your best. The more we acquire, the stronger we become, the better we can build.

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Keyword and Topic Research

You won't stand out if you're writing just to write. We live and breathe the mantra, don’t post content for the sake of posting. By defining the purpose of your content you can set the tone for your readers, giving them useful, helpful content while positioning you as a thought leader within your industry. Using in-depth market research, our Content Strategist works to drive highly trafficked keywords in an organic way to avoid spam-like inauthenticity, giving your customers content worth reading.

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Content Rollout

Once you have your content marketing plan in a calendar and identified keywords, it’s time to execute. Your website, social media channels, and email marketing platforms will all be used for content delivery. Onsite, blog content can be a major asset for your digital marketing efforts. It’s a way to build credibility in your industry, nurture prospective clients, and promote products or services to existing clients—and, well written blog posts are easily shareable on social media channels. Hubspot stated that “94% of people who share posts do so because they think it might be helpful to others.”

Blogging is a great way to tell your brand’s story and mission. It plays a strategic role in the digital marketing aspect of a larger marketing plan. With the right preparation, strategy, and team supporting you (*cough, cough*), it can provide a major return on your investment.

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