Creative Design Services

Creative Design Services

Online or in print, we have your creative design needs covered.

The first impression of your brand is a big deal. It could be the difference between gaining a new follower, lead, or customer. The best way to make sure you put your best foot forward is through professional creative design services of all your visual assets. A few things to make sure you have covered: logo creation, brand development, print marketing collateral, web design, email templates, digital advertisements, and graphic design.

These are all opportunities to make sure your brand, services, or product is highlighted in the best way possible for your audience.

How can Kicks Digital Marketing help your creative design.

The Kicks Digital Marketing team not only wants to make sure the creative design services we produce for our clients meet their standards but ensure that it is the best representation of our quality of work. We produce creative design services that set our clients up for success. We do this through collaboration, using our creative and marketing teams to work through creative content to accelerate a client's digital marketing strategy.

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Let’s Get Technical: Creative Design Services
Branding a company or website is a big investment. A large part of that is the amount of planning that goes into creating design services that will set up your brand’s identity and attract your customers. The Kicks Digital Marketing approach is that of collaboration between client, designer, and marketing team. The combination of experience results in successful design and branding for clients. It is not just about creating content that looks good, but will get the response of action through shares, clicks, and buys. Everything from digital advertising to the color combination of your website play a role in the buyer’s journey.

Logo Creation

Think about some of the logos that you see every day. Those logos bring about a response that we can’t control. A part of that is the branding behind the logo that makes the viewer feel the way the brand wants you to feel. If someone showed you a yellow stylized letter “M”, you would probably think of McDonald's. What about an apple with a bite taken out of it? You would probably think of Apple. A well-executed logo will be able to tell prospective clients and customers about your brand.

Brand Development

How do customers feel when they see your logo? What do the colors you choose tell your clients about the look of your website? Is it consistent and thought out? How do you convey a first impression to your leads and clients with a simple first look of a logo or website? These are all things that are important to think out when looking at developing your brand. The branding doesn’t just end digitally, but is carried over to letterhead, business cards, and other print material. Having someone who understands your brand is key to effect brand building.

Print Marketing Collateral

There are times when all brands need a print marketing piece to tell their story, highlight a product or service, or push a sale strategy. These are great things to have available when meeting people face-to-face. You want to make sure that print piece doesn’t end up in the trash or on the floor once you leave that person. A well-designed print piece that meets both your creative needs and marketing strategy is something to be valued. You also want to make sure that if someone looks at your website that they know the print piece is from the same company. Having cohesive creative design pieces across multiple platforms helps build brand recognition. The last thing you want is to be forgotten about.

Web Design

Having a web presence is paramount in maximizing your reach to an audience. The last thing you want is a website no one wants to go to because it looks bad, isn’t responsive across multiple devices, or doesn’t provide a value to your audience. The design of a website starts when the creative design and marketing join forces, identifying the most impact for a client. Strong design assures that the website is best suited to feature your product or services, promoting your branding, and a resource people will return to. Making sure all that looks good is the reason why creative design services are important.

Email Templates

A lot of brands are sending out emails, but not all emails are good emails. How many times do you delete an email as soon as you open it? How many times do you skim over an email quickly because it isn’t very exciting? A lot of people do. The last thing you want is for people to not read the messaging you are sending. An email template that catches a reader's attention increases the chances of the reader of opening or responding to your call-to-action within.

Digital Advertisements

You could have a great digital advertising plan, but so do a lot of other businesses. The challenge is to create something visually that will get your ad the attention over your competitor. A creative, branded, and visually appealing ad will get an increased response over ads that are not. Having a professional design these pieces assures that your advertising looks the best, fits the branding, and has an impact on your audience.

Graphic Design Services

At the core of creative design is the ability of a designer to be able to design your pieces. A professional understands how to make a client look the best in any type of design perspective. This ranges from your logo, website, print pieces, and anything visual for your brand.

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