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Sweeping the Competition with Marketing Strategy

Chimney Solutions came to Kicks looking for a full marketing strategy. By completely overtaking all marketing efforts, we had the ability to craft the Chimney Solutions voice, and keep it consistent across all platforms. Despite the hardships of 2020, Chimney Solutions made the decision to continue advertising. With adapted strategy and teamwork, we saw large jumps in several areas of their marketing.

Social Media

Chimney Solutions essentially gave us free reign when it came to taking over and optimizing their social media. This gave us the ability to stay relevant with timely posts and remain on brand with the company voice. Unlike other clients, sales-focused language helped boost Chimney Solutions’ performance over the last year. Using these stats, we have been able to better craft content for the upcoming year.

Paid Social

Social media doesn’t work on organic posts alone. By boosting the paid social budget in 2020 by 43%, we were able to jump up over 100% in impressions, reach, and clicks.

Google Ads

Finally, Chimney Solutions didn’t become our top performing client of 2020 from social media alone. The company rose to the top of our charts (or chimney) with their Google Ads efforts. By consistently optimizing their ads and raising their budget by ⅓ in the past year, we were able to raise their stats across the board.

Good strategies involve many aspects of digital marketing. By combining social media outreach to build brand awareness with paid ads to reach more people, we were able to help Chimney Solutions grow during an unprecedented difficult time.


About Chimney Solutions

Chimney Solutions began serving the greater Atlanta, GA area more than 20 years ago, and has since expanded services to the Indianapolis area to provide a superior level of service to more and more customers. Since our inception, we have dedicated ourselves to the highest level of professionalism and technical expertise, by keeping our focus on the customer and continuously investing in our education and the training of our staff.

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