Cleveland Lehner Cassidy

Armed with a name and a mission, C.L.C. needed to put their name out into the market and attract new clients to support their entrepreneurial endeavor.

Joining forces.

Cleveland, Lehner, Cassidy joined forces and began C.L.C. Attorneys at Law and needed to get their name out there.

In this case, simply building a website and hoping that the phone would ring was not enough. C.L.C. needed a plan for customer acquisition. They needed to be visible and implore a strategy that maximized their sales funnel.

Establishing a brand.

We developed a brand identity for CLC that incorporates three diamonds to highlight the abbreviations of the firm, as well as a modern font and vivid but subdued color scheme. The logo also uses a bold line to anchor the mark. It utilizes a clean and simple style, referencing legal expertise and competence.

Personalized web design.

C.L.C. wanted their personality to shine through their site. No gavels or balances, no justice figures for this site. Every page is personalized with images from around Indianapolis and the desk of the associates.

Getting found.

Since their site was brand new, we needed to bridge the gap between organic SEO success and being found right away. On the initial launch, C.L.C. opted for a Google Adwords campaign. Our team developed a strategic Adwords campaign targeting specific services in the Indiana market.

Post-launch content coaching.

Cleveland, Lehner, Cassidy is seeing more success with their ongoing Adwords campaign while their organic SEO begins to build. Along with their initial web design, we coached the team at Cleveland, Lehner, Cassidy on best practices for social media strategy and blogging.

“We’ve been working with Kicks for about 18 months now and could not be more happy with our experience. We love our website and the Kicks team has done a great job driving business to our website with google ad campaigns. We are a small business and we appreciate the personal touch that Kicks provides. The team is prompt, hardworking, and creative. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with Kicks for years to come”
– Meghan Lehner


We helped CLC’s personality shine through their website, and provided an easy-to-navigate resource for visitors.


In order to execute a visually stunning website, we needed to establish the Cleveland, Lehner, Cassidy brand.

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