Empact Solutions

Putting great minds together, we ran alongside our client to build a brand from the ground up to deliver a functional and marketable website.

Our client came to Kicks Digital with one goal in mind; a full brand overhaul. With a small but existing simple site, they wanted to build a brand that mirrored their passion for smarter approaches to data. Scrapping the existing brand, our client needed a name, a full branding guideline, marketing collateral, and a functional website.

It all started with a name; a name that tied our client’s passion and purpose to the service they provide. In a world where data makes an impact and empowers organizations, we crafted marketing materials that relate the companies message and objectives seamlessly across all platforms from print to digital.

“They went above and beyond taking what they learned about me and what matters to me to develop a new business name and then make it a brand.”
– Jason, Owner at Empact Solutions


Following a renaming and logo generation, we started to drill down the message that Jason and his team wanted to relay on the website. Our design was built with growth in mind. As Jason and his team develop new avenues of data management and utilization, they can easily expand on any section of service with simple user navigation.

Branding / Marketing Collateral

From new names and tag lines to logos and color schemes, we ran the gamut with Empact Solutions. Understanding the need for cross-platform consistency, we provided a series of branded pieces to take Jason and his team live online, offline, and ready for any speaking engagement.

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