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We partnered with Event Liftoff to create a sleek site design, geared toward site conversation which is further automated through integrating their Hubspot marketing platform.

Event-Centric Web Design

Event Lift Off draws a crowd. Their audience is broad. As the parent company of 4 notable Indianapolis brands, the company must appeal to businesses and communities looking to feature and sponsor events, as well as event attendees.

How do you design a website intended for distinctly different user groups?

It’s difficult enough to build a website meant for a single user profile, but when your core business appeals to 2 distinctly different user groups and multiple sub-groups within, how do you design a simplistic, yet impactful user path?

We followed these guiding principles through design:

  • Credibility
  • Context
  • Sales
  • Automation

We partnered with Event Lift Off to create sleek site design, geared toward site conversation which is further automated through integrating with their Hubspot marketing platform. As an additional challenge, the company does not have an established brand. We were tasked with giving the brand a feeling and direction, and in the future, a brand mark would follow suit. (If you’re thinking: that’s unconventional, how did could you possibly do that? Those were our initial thoughts too.)


As the organization has grown, so have their needs for automation.

The site must quickly guide, and then understand which segment of their audience is visiting to nurture informational workflows accordingly. This is no small feat. The concept of workflow automation is easy and enticing. Once something is set up, it’s good to go. Yet, getting it to the place where the workflow is understood and established, there are a number of “if X, then Y” scenarios that need to be documented.

Through site design, we were able to establish tone and direction.

Right off the bat, we ‘name-drop’ by displaying the related brands. A user very quickly relates to the feeling of the parent company and nearly immediately it’s made clear that the company has two distinct functions: Event Services and Marketing Services. As the user scrolls, there is further evidence of who the company is and what they do. The last piece is the most critical, we establish credibility and relevance. We demonstrate what the company has done and the brands that they’ve worked with, strategically riddling the site with calls to action. Once a call to action is fulfilled, the user opts into a Hubspot workflow where relevant content is pushed on a preset schedule.

Our major takeaways from this project:

  • An atypical approach lends itself to creative exploration.
  • An audience might be broad, but allow the user to self-select their path.
  • If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Our clients have worked with big names in sponsorship, talent and event production; a site should compliment what a business already does well. Reason number 1,999,999 why all sites should have a custom design.

If you’re in the Indy area and are looking for an event to go to, start with the Event Lift Off team. They don’t disappoint.


Web Design

Event Liftoff’s new website swiftly guides visitors through the array of event and marketing services they offer, connecting potential clients with services they need.

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