Hope the Breakfast Church

We partnered with Hope the Breakfast Church to show the world what happens when you come inside their church. Through re-branding and web development to social strategies and content posts, the aim is holistic consistency.

Pairing innovation with tradition.

The Breakfast Church has been in the Castleton community for decades. With an aging population and a need to drive attendance and engagement, this fearless congregation wasn’t afraid to try something new. While immense progress occurred inside the organization, the external visual queues hadn’t progressed. The Breakfast Church had a fun, unique and inspiring differentiator and they needed to bring it to light.

They wanted to be approachable. They wanted to spread awareness. They wanted people to take a chance and walk through their doors on a Sunday morning and for those who couldn’t join them, they wanted to take the church out into the community. Like many not-for-profit entities, resources aren’t abundant. We helped the Church access grant funding through The Center for Congregations to help tackle these objectives.

Brand re-discovery.

We walked The Breakfast Church through our branding discovery process. Ultimately, landing on a fresh logo, centered around the conversations that they have over breakfast. We believe in simplification, a principle demonstrated in the Branding Guidelines Documentation. Now the organization has a living breathing document to refer to when making decisions about how the brand interfaces with the public.

A carefully constructed website redesign.

Restructuring the website made user navigation seamless and helped to boost SEO, making it easier for current and future members to find Hope the Breakfast Church online. There are many activities and events happening within the church. Our job was to understand priority, such that we could more seamlessly navigate a first-time user through the highlights.

Post-launch partnership.

After the website foundation was in play, we’ve continued to utilize the brand voice through updating printed materials, social media and blog content. From promoting events and blog posts to giving sermon previews, their Facebook page has become a resource for members and prospective attendees. 

We’ll continue to partner with Hope so that we can leverage their in-house skill sets with our digital know-how, maintaining a supportive partnership relationship.

“Super helpful and very accessible! They are always there for my company to help and support us (even though we ask a billion questions). If you are looking for a personable company that knows how to get a job done and make it look better than you ever imagined, please check out Kicks.”
– Josh K.

Logo & Website Design

A refreshed logo and web design were part of ensuring their brand was consistent with their message and was speaking to the right audience.

Social Growth Strategy

Kicks provides and schedules social posts and customized images to boost member engagement and spread Hope the Breakfast Church’s message.

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