Putting People First
juice love + happiness already has some client relationships in place for distribution; however, they have more extensive product lines available for shipping. Our KDM team was charged with refreshing an existing logo design, crafting a concise narrative for complex products and building an e-commerce site designed to move product.

HRD Advisory Group puts the human in human resources, always making sure people—whether it’s their internal team or their clients—come before all else. Clients love them, employees love them, heck, we love them; the problem was, they were defined by individuals which meant no one really knew who they were as a company. This disconnect lead to an identity crisis. We helped HDR dive deep into what they do to tell the story of who they are. From there, the new content and messaging made things crystal clear. 

We balanced professionalism with conversational messaging to craft content that reinforced HDR's dedication to their services, as well as their focus on human connection. Putting people first is their mantra, motivator, and driving force, so we built a custom job board to make managing open positions simple and timely, ensuring clients always feel they are a priority.

HRD Advisory Group is an expert team of human resources professionals. Their clients love them. They have cultivated long-standing relationships built on trust and creative problem-solving, but they are missing a collective identity. Pose the question, "what is HRD?" to team members or key clients and you'll hear indifference. You'll hear people describe the strengths and the draw to individuals, but not to the company. Therein lies the major problem. Without a clear brand identity all of their marketing efforts; website, social media, and company design collateral are ineffective.

With strategic growth driving their charge, HRD partnered with Kicks Digital Marketing to explore their brand voice through conversation, key client interviews, competitive research, and a content audit. We sought out to refresh the aesthetic, drill down their unique competitive advantage, and establish a cohesive brand narrative.

Establishing the Brand

On a mission to grow, HRD must maintain its brand identity. Through in-depth client and stakeholder research, we sought to bring clarity to the HRD brand. Who are they? What do they stand for? How do their employees and customers perceive them? All of these questions are important when establishing the brand tone and content for the HRD website. Once we determined the brand archetype and tonality, we built a robust brand guideline around the new HRD brand.

With a new bold logo design, we embarked on generating content that makes an impact while maintaining a professional and informative message.

Unique Action-Driven Content

Knowing the setup of the HRD organization, it was important to develop a back and forth to drive the best copy possible from each sector of the business. Through trial and error, we developed pillar pages not defining the service, but what HRD strives to achieve for their valued clients. Leveraging the knowledge and voice of each unique team member we developed unique web copy that educates users on their service offering, process, and drives them to take action to connect with an HRD team member.

Job Boards

Faced with an internal challenge to split their organization's job postings with their current technology, HRD Search found it difficult to present the correct data to their users on their website using Bullhorn's API. Instead, we worked with their Talent Acquisition team to develop a simple and easy to manage job board where they can present internal and external openings available through their organization. This allows users to search and filter to find opportunities that HRD works hard to fill for their clients.

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About HRD Advisory Group

HRD Group partners with business leaders to support the engagement and development of team members throughout the employee experience from talent acquisition and onboarding to engagement, retention, development to promotion, and career transition. They serve as a full-service talent provider in four practice areas—Search, Employee Benefits, Talent Development, and Career Transition. They are the only full-service talent/HR consulting firm in the Indianapolis market. HRD uniquely considers all aspects of the employee experience when serving their clients.

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