Vimme Learning

Created by teachers for teachers, Vimme Learning is an e-learning solution for math education and assessment.  We partnered with the founders at Vimme Learning to take their brand to the next level.

Collaboration through math education.

Vimme’s team is highly specialized. Each person has years of experience in their given field coming together to make a product that is useful to both students, teachers and educational stakeholders. While extensive concentration took place around the product, getting in front of educators proved to be the next big challenge.

Their target demographic was defined, but their buyer personas were broad. Vimme had to be engaging and user-friendly for young students, informative and approachable for educators and parents, as well as credible and cost-effective for administrators. Demonstrating and prioritizing these objectives took patience and partnership.

Designing a web experience.

Vimme’s product is an online platform. We had to be especially thoughtful working through site navigation so that a student could easily access it and a prospect could easily learn more. We used thoughtful site architecture and design to meet these objectives.

Capturing momentum.

Vimme is widely adopted among students and their teachers. We wanted to help capture that momentum. We worked with the Vimme team to create print materials to help share the Vimme experience and T-shirts to showcase both event and brand awareness.

“Vimme Learning has worked with Kicks Digital for more than 2 years now. My favorite part is the creativity of the KD team. I love throwing a project over the wall and seeing the results. We’ve never been disappointed!”
– Tammy Laughner, Founder / CEO

Web Design

We took their existing site and reinforced it with functional pages, expanded content, and continue to build pages that help extend Vimme’s market reach.

Print Design

We continue to work to bring the Vimme Learning brand to life with branding marketing materials for events, math competitors, and general marketing.

Email Templates

We worked to provide brand email templates to reinforce Vimme Learning’s marketing efforts and demo transfers.

Display Ads

We develop display advertisements that maintain Vimme Learning brand while driving their campaign message.

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