Google Adwords — Overhauling a Hauling Company
juice love + happiness already has some client relationships in place for distribution; however, they have more extensive product lines available for shipping. Our KDM team was charged with refreshing an existing logo design, crafting a concise narrative for complex products and building an e-commerce site designed to move product.

After working on a website refresh for a local hauling company, we embarked on a digital strategy leveraging social media and Google Ad management. When we first tapped into the existing account managed by a non-local provider, it didn’t take us long to determine the account was running close to what we call “auto-pilot” — moving forward with no true direction.

What good are ads that run wild with no direction or end goal? Pssst... (they're not very good). We know how to flip the switch from auto-pilot to interactive so ads are being monitored, managed, and maintained based on performance for optimal results.

Google Ads Optimization

Our first step was to define the goal of the organization. Not surprisingly, the aim was all about selling more dumpsters and creating a sustainable lead channel for the company. Our original budget was set at a $750.00 monthly ceiling. The budget was doable, yes; but limiting for the long-term. Based on the current activity and keyword targeting, we refined the match type and location settings that allowed the budget to spread evenly across the selected areas.

Increasing the Quality Score

Particularly with a new website in place, it's important to align the ad copy to mirror the content on the website. In order to increase the quality score for bid keywords, we developed ad copy to include the selected keywords on the relevant landing pages where we directed the user traffic. This practice improves the users' search experience and therefore boosts the overall quality score.

Bidding Strategy

Instead of the shot-out-of-a-canon approach that was present on the original account, we opted for a more conservative approach using a conversion maximization strategy. Starting with the limited budget, we were able to grow the account over time to get access to an increased budget of roughly $1,500 (+ or - a few dollars based on bid).

Once the account was reaching optimal monthly success, it was time to monitor the progress. We track and refine the ads, making tweaks to the campaigns to keep as close to 100% Google Ads optimization as possible. During the three-year management of their Google Ads account, we are happy to report that they have seen great success in conversion metrics while maintaining a stable budget.

The graphic above represents a snapshot of a month from 2017 to 2019 and 2018 to 2019 for cost vs. conversions. As you can see, without increasing the budget above the current $1,500 +/- ceiling, we were above to gain on average 300+ conversions.

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About Hoosier Hauler

Hoosier Hauler is a veteran-owned dumpster rental company, offering the most unique roll-off dumpster service in the Indianapolis Metro area. They provide exceptional service to residential and commercial customers that require trash hauling and junk removal with equipment that fits into the “mini dumpster” category. When a monstrous 30-yard roll-off dumpster container is not the right fit for your job site or job size, they provide smaller trash containers that save space and dollars while taking care of waste disposal needs.

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