The Power of Video Content

Oct 4th, 2017 SEO

Over the last two years, we have seen a surge of video content on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds. With easy-to-use consumer technology providing high-quality video capabilities, there is no reason why you should not be leveraging the power of video content marketing for your business.

We've compiled 5 steps to harness the power of video content marketing.

1. Get the tools. (You may already have them!)

It wasn't until technology companies like Apple, GoPro, and Samsung started implementing the power of high-quality video into their devices, consumers would have to take a hefty sum just to acquire a camera capable of shooting decent video content. No, the clunky camera your dad used to record family vacations. Cameras like the Panasonic GH5, a beast that is known for its video capabilities can run you $1,999 along and that isn't counting the cost of lenses, SD cards, and the like. Though there are more affordable options out there like the Canon G7X, you've already got your jump-off gear in hand, or pocket.

You can now find 4k video recording technology in a device many take for granted. Wrap your mind around the fact that the phone in your pocket has the ability to record 4k video at 30fps (Apple iPhone 6s). That means for every second, there are 30 consecutive frames being shot. Sure, you can dive into the tech specs and compare it to a quality video camera, but that isn't the point. Start small and build.

If you find yourself recording consistently, it might be time to invest in something a little more substantial.

2. Be an authority in your field.

Take note from people like Gary Vaynerchuk, Casey Neistat, Tony Robbins, Peter McKinnon, and Tom Emrich. Being a thought leader is all about generating content, which is moving to video content. If you want to be an authority in your field, you need to have something to say, something that brings value to the viewer. But, most importantly, you need to start.

Think about the amount of time you spend watching television, scrolling feeds on your phone while you're bored, or wasting time on irrelevant tasks. Refocus and start developing a plan to build your video content arsenal. If your competitors are doing it, why aren't you?

Here are a few pointers to get you started

  • Make a list of topics you want to cover and put them on a calendar.
  • Seek help from a video editing company or learn on the fly to provide a good user experience.
  • Get to the point. You only have our attention for a short period.
  • Share your content across all available channels. The more saturation, the more chances of being viewed.

3. Get in front of your customer.

Many people feel uncomfortable in front of the camera and judge themselves with extreme scrutiny. Remember, we are our own worst critics. If you are a business owner, odds are you need to interact with people on a daily basis. So, what is the difference? A presenter is a presenter. This time you are just broadcasting to a larger audience. Tap into the winning mindset you bring to your daily business activities and you will find yourself at ease in front of the camera.

4. Don't ignore the data.

You can say, "oh, it's just a trend" or "it will pass", but the truth is you will miss the chance to bank on its success. Video content marketing is not going away and the facts can back it up.



5. Be intentional. 

As you can see, video content marketing not only drives activity and engagement on various channels, but it also influences buyer behavior. You should take into consideration your marketing objectives to dictate what video content you'll put out there. Do your research about technical aspects of the video that will benefit you as well. In the graphic above, we point out that 85% of people viewing Facebook videos are doing so with the sound off, or may be hard of hearing. This means if your videos have no captions, you're losing a large chunk of audience. Accessibility is key in any content creation.


So the question is, when will you start creating?

The average person spends nearly 20 hours a week on social media. How does yours rank?

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