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Your brand defines your business.

Brand identities don’t happen overnight, and their impact certainly can’t be sustained with minimal effort. Marketing is your opportunity to build lasting relationships with your customers.

We’ll help you build and maintain brand awareness through creative messaging, engaging design, and thoughtful, well-researched strategies. Feel like bringing your brand to rockstar status? We can help. Here’s how.


Social Media

The average person spends nearly 20 hours a week on social media apps, making these platforms some of the most important tools for building brand awareness. If you’re not posting for your brand, you’re missing a massive opportunity. However, we understand that social posts take time, and as a business owner, you may not have much to spare.

Using our expertise in digital marketing, we can develop a solid social strategy and execution for your brand by:

  • Determining the most beneficial social platforms for your brand.
  • Researching who your audiences are and their social habits to define content direction, messaging, and goals.
  • Developing content calendars based on social best practices, allowing you to have a reliable plan for posting.
  • Creating and managing paid ads that pair creative content with analytics to boost your brand’s reach.
  • Reviewing and reporting your social media impact to customize strategies that yield results.

See it in action:

“Kicks Digital are experts! They are proactive and come prepared with solutions to challenges. They are customer focused and focused on bringing the right, customized solution for the customer. I am proud to work with them!”

— Rachael C.


Paid Advertising

Paid ads are the billboards of the digital age. Posting social content is great, but if you’re not paying to advertise your brand, you’re only reaching your current followers.

We’ll help craft winning campaigns to go beyond your current customer base and generate new leads, new clients, and new revenue by:

  • Tailoring messaging to specific demographics aimed at excelling your brand’s impact.
  • As a Google Ads partner, we’re skilled in scoping, monitoring, and managing your ads based on SEO keywords.
  • Analyzing your results to ensure each ad is performing as strong as possible.

See it in action:

Have questions about paid ads?

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Content Marketing

A good story can capture the attention of anyone. A great story can generate an audience for life. Content marketing is about more than keyword-rich copy and witty phrases. It’s about writing interesting, honest, impactful content that will resonate with your audience and attract new consumers.

We work to define your specific brand voice and tone, creating one-of-a-kind content that represents who you are and what you stand for.

From blogs to video to social media posts to websites, our content strategists wrangle the right words to share your story with the world, making your brand memorable. Here’s how:

  • We get to know your audience and their habits so we can build out calendars that meet their need for content, eliminating duplicate efforts and dead end approaches.
  • When you stockpile assets, you can stay ahead of the curve. We gather videos, photography, and infographics to have on hand to use to support your messaging, events, promotions, and services.
  • We will never post content for the sake of posting content. Each piece we craft for your brand will be international, well-researched, and filled with keywords that increase your readership and brand awareness.
  • We excel in blogging and understanding a diverse range of industries, enabling us to write on your behalf with an authentic, genuine voice.

See it in action:

Want to know more about how content can bring your brand to the main stage?

It’s Story Time


S+E+O=digital success. Search engine optimization reinforces your brand presence on and off-site by using your designs and content to improve user experience.

How? When SEO is done right, it elevates your potential search rank which helps users view you as trustworthy and credible and we can take you there by:

  • We’ll dive into your industry using keyword development tools to uncover opportunities your competitors aren’t targeting to create content that packs a punch.
  • You can’t rank for what you don’t write, but what you write needs to be good. We’ll develop your brand voice and messaging that tells your story masterfully. Basically, we write things people want to read.
  • Using the WordPress platform, our developers build websites with on-site SEO in mind, ensuring you have the strongest, most successful impact once your site goes live.

See it in action:

You know you need marketing, but what you may not know is which direction to take, what tools to use, and how to build strategies that can take your brand from, “hey, I’ve heard of them,” to, “wow, I can’t live without them.”

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© Kicks Digital Marketing. All Rights Reserved. | Privacy Policy