How to Write Blog Posts People WANT to Read

Mar 5th, 2020 Marketing

Blog posts are beneficial in so many ways. They are informative, they can make you stand out, they give you social media content, and they boost SEO. What more could you want? However, they can be dry, boring and worst of all...unread.

We've compiled a list of tips on how to write a better blog post. Hopefully, one that will keep people on your site, and maybe even lower that bounce rate.

Pick an intriguing topic for you and your readers.

Every good blog has to start with a strong topic. If you pick a topic and dread writing about it, your reader is probably going to dread reading about it. Even if you have to address some not-so-fun things in your blog, add in a supplementary topic to make the dry parts a bit more intriguing.

Write with personality.

If you really want someone to read and enjoy your blog post, give the audience a little razzle-dazzle. Depending on your brand voice, this can be a challenge. However, personality is a sure way to keep someone reading so use what you can to your full potential.

There are some dry topics that there's just no getting around that. However, your clients probably see enough dry writing every day. Be a refreshing voice for them. They are more likely to retain what you are saying and actually read the blog all the way through. Who knows, maybe you could even get a like or a share out of them too.

Keep SEO in mind.

Blog posts help boost your SEO, and there are few different ways that you can make sure you are optimizing your blog posts to do so. There are over 40,000 Google searches a second, so if your blog posts can help you cut through all of the internet traffic, it is well worth it!

Here are a few basic tips to help you keep SEO in mind as you blog:

  • Identify your keywords.
    • Form your blog post ideas around those words. Aligning your content with what you want to rank for helps you take on two birds with one stone.

  • Add those keywords into your posts.
    • The more naturally you use them, the better. You still want to add value for your audience, so make sure you're maintaining authenticity.

  • Link to work that supports your ideas.
    • Link to your own pages or other reputable sources you like. Show your readers and Google that you've got the facts to back up what you are saying. And who knows, maybe the authors of the articles you link to may repost you!

Work that title.

Would you ever click on a blog that doesn't have a good title? Probably not. So, why do you expect your readers to? A title is what will identify whether someone even wants to click on your blog or not so that makes it pretty crucial.

Here are a few ways to craft a title that works:

  • Don't give it all away, but keep your topic clear
    • The first thing you don't want to do is come off as "clickbait-y." Aka: "You will never guess THIS tip will boost your blog views" No one wants to click on clickbait and be spammed with ads, even if that wasn't your intent. Be sure to keep communication in the title clear and evident.

  • Include your keyword...but don't be annoying
    • Include the main topic of what you will be talking about in your title. Again, you don't want to mislead people. However, don't overuse that keyword or again, you sound spammy.

  • Use descriptive words.
    • Adjectives exist for a reason. Bring one into your title. Depending on your topic, you should have lots of options. Adding an adjective will make your blog sound less news-oriented and more fun and educational.

Last but not least, adding in cute cat gifs definitely doesn't hurt either.

Hope these tips help your future blog writing! What do your favorite bloggers do that catches your attention? Let us know! We are always ready to learn and grow our own writing skills.

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