We march to the beat of our own drum. This is our rhythm.


Why kicks?

Our process may be a bit different, but that makes all the difference.

When you work with us, you’ll find we approach projects with a grounded, down to earth mentality, curious mindset, and welcoming attitude.

We’re lean, allowing us to work together with ease and pivot quickly when necessary; we’re nimble, which enables us to tackle large projects but without all the hoops and bureaucracies weighing us down, and we’re advocates for eliminating arduous processes and confusing contracts. We simply work fluidly, carefully, and together—that includes you, our clients.


We believe in inclusivity, humility and understanding, originality over uniformity, and we don’t abide by the saying, “it’s just business.”

We believe good ideas can come from anywhere and clients can be creative.

We never settle for what works, but strive to discover what works best, which means we don’t treat projects like production lines, value trends over fads, and champion for work that’s different, not expected.

We believe good ideas can come from anywhere and clients can be creative.

Our Process


To help you rebrand we need to know more about you and your business. We’ll spend some time talking about you, a little about us, and get into the groove of learning everything we can about where you’ve been, where you are, and where you want to go. It’ll be fun, we promise.


Once we gather information, we’ll break off for a couple weeks to immerse ourselves in researching more about your industry, your competition, and how we can improve your digital presence, design, content, and overall brand. You sit back and keep on keeping on, and we’ll present our findings once we’ve completed our proposal with our advice for moving forward.


After presenting our findings and plans for your brand, we’ll hand you the mic. We believe this time is one of the most important steps in our process, as it allows you to flex your creative muscles, bounce ideas back and forth with us, and truly begin to redefine your brand. Once we find a good stopping point, we’ll let you review our proposal, get excited about the possibilities, and let us know how you’d like to proceed.

Build Out

Once we know what you want, we get to work making it happen—but you won’t be left out of the loop. Before we start designs, we’ll consult you about your expectations. Before we start writing content, we’ll have a brief call to dig deep into how words can represent your brand. From there, we thread everything together and move into development.


Get the champagne ready, because once you see your brand refreshed, you’re going to want to pop some bottles. When everything is approved, we’ll launch your new site, start work on marketing efforts, and maintain communication to ensure you’re as happy with the work as we are.

Does all this sound familiar? It should. We didn’t reinvent the wheel, the difference is, we’re asking you to roll with us instead of being left on the sidelines.

Want to work with us? We’d love to work with you.

Let’s Get Started

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© Kicks Digital Marketing. All Rights Reserved. | Privacy Policy