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Design is far more than just making things look pretty.

Before you can focus on looks, you need to focus on function. Designs created without strategy or backed by research are simply hollow shells—they may be beautiful, but they’ll crumble when the waves hit.

We believe in making designs that will not only turn heads, but make them think. We start with research, audience analysis, competitor examination, and strategic planning first so the pretty things we make also have substance. Looking to revamp your brand to have beauty and brains? Here’s how we do it.


There are hundreds of thousands of brands in the world, many mediocre at best. Why? They overlook the importance of good design, presentation, and most importantly, meaning. Your brand isn’t just an awesome logo, it’s who you are, who you plan to be, and how you can help customers simplify their lives.

You know your business. We know how to brand it. Together, we can transform your company into a household name. Here’s how:

  • We explore far deeper than the surface of your brand, conducting internal/external interviews to uncover valuable insights, determine your place in the competitive market, ask tough questions to learn important information, and use what we find to more accurately define your brand.
  • By working with you to learn all we need to know about who you are, we can pair our skills with your industry knowledge to rebuild your brand to be stronger, more relatable, and more impactful.
  • Brands are almost like people: they have personality types. By collaborating with you, we’re able to identify your brand’s archetype, which helps us understand how people see you and how we can build a strategy to capitalize on these perceptions.
  • Our designers rely on all the information we discover from research and interviews to create customized, timeless logos, websites, and marketing materials that represent your brand and speak to your audience. To keep things constant, we’ll build your team a brand guideline to follow, ensuring everything from what you say and how you say it to the font and colors you use are understood.

See it in action:

“Kicks came in and did a great job of modernizing our logo, refining our colors, and doing a full website overhaul to align our mission with what we’re putting out into the world. I’m so happy with how it turned out, and where it will take us from here.”

— Jason Kivett | Co-Owner, Summit Fitness

Web Design

Good websites have the power to provide users with more than information, but experiences. They make you feel as there you’re somewhere else, far from your mobile, tablet, or desktop. Bad ones have the ability to make you take one look and leave within seconds.

We build custom WordPress designs equipped to handle your services and offerings while making your brand standout instead of standing still. Here’s how:

  • We build websites to fit your brand. We don’t try to fit your brand to a premade template. So before we get to work on design, we’ll scope out the project, collect data and analytics to ensure what we create is effective, and agree on a foundational plan.
  • We’re digital mixologists, seamlessly blending authentic content, SEO, UX, and design together to create a website that only you and we know the secret ingredients for.
  • Our developers are WordPress experts who pair art and science to create your custom website with a bold front end and a strong, reliable back end.
  • We’re good hosts, so if you need support after your site launches or would like help managing it, we’ll lead the way.

See it in action:

Want to learn more about user experience and why good design makes all the difference?

We Got You

Graphic Design

If content is the body of your brand, graphic design is the fashion for it, creating beautiful, thoughtful, and memorable visual assets for your business. From your logo to your business cards to your website, graphic design enhances who you are and reinforces your brand without saying a word. Good graphics are the difference between mediocre and magnificent. Which do you want to be?

We can help create stunning visuals to support your brand and make your business instantly recognizable. Here’s how:

  • Your logo is the first impression the public has with your brand—we’ll create one that’s representative of who you are and what you do, and use identification exercises to ensure your logo is one-of-a-kind and timeless.
  • Your logo can’t do everything on its own. We create branded visual assets for everything from your website to social media posts to blogs to keep things consistent, strong, and identifiable.
  • If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. Through visual storytelling, we’ll share your message in a creative, captivating way and work with you from storyboarding to editing, delivering videos that go beyond words.
  • Digital ads with high-quality images and video perform significantly better than those without. We not only build beautiful ads for your brand, but we use data and insights to ensure they don’t just look amazing, but are fueled by facts to get the most reach.
  • The last thing you want for your emails to be so lackluster they get sent straight to the trash. We’ll develop exciting, brand-focused email templates that your audience will look forward to opening.
  • Digital design has a place and time, and so does print. We can build your brand an array of print assets to support your purpose, including:
    • Business cards
    • Rack cards
    • Brochures
    • Trade show materials
    • Flyers
    • Billboards
    • Those super sweet bus bench ads
    • Got an idea? Insert it here

See it in action:

When it comes to design, looks and function are everything. Let’s get your brand looking and working like Beyoncé on Homecoming.

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© Kicks Digital Marketing. All Rights Reserved. | Privacy Policy