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Nov 27th, 2020 Trends

Small Business Saturday is upon us, and with the current Covid climate, now is the time to support your local businesses more than ever. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite local Indianapolis businesses and also gathered some tips to help support them without spending a dime. 

This list could’ve gone on a while, but for your sake we’ve picked 8 than span a broad variety of products and experiences:

Penn & Beech

Their candles are fabulous. You can stop in and make your own, buy their premade scents, or have them make a custom scent for you online—all you have to do is pick it up! Their stores are modern and fun, and the candle maker’s are always helpful. A candle or a gift card to make one in-store would make a great gift this holiday season. 

The Shop

A Broad Ripple staple, if you have any shopping to do for Indy sports fans or just cool gear in general, their clothing is exactly what you’re looking for. I have my eyes on a few tees for a couple of Boilermakers in my family.  

Indy CD & Vinyl

For the music lovers in your life—Indy CD & Vinyl has anything you could possibly want. They get some really awesome shipments in of more unique albums, so be sure to follow their Instagram account to see what they’ve just got in.

City Dogs Grocery

As avid pet lovers, the Kicks crew has been known to stop in here on our walks around Fountain Square. From pet supplies to the cutest bakery treats, they have all kinds of fun things for the animals and animal lovers in your life.  

Lash & Brow

Lash & Brow does amazing work, so if there is a gal in your life who would love some gorgeous lashes or a microblading session, this is the place to go! A gift card would make a super luxurious gift for your girls who are looking for a spa-like treat this holiday season.  

Root 31

This super cute plant shop is up in Westfield. House plants seem to be picking up speed while lots of people are spending more time at home. Angela, the owner, is super knowledgeable and helpful. She will help you find the perfect plant to gift the new plant owner or more experienced grower in your life. 

The Wine Market

The classic perfect host gift—wine. This local wine shop’s focus is good wine without costing you an arm and a leg. Stop in to grab some affordable and tasty wine, or grab a gift card to give out so someone can go pick out exactly what they want. Their staff is always super helpful while shopping there as well.

Summit Fitness

For your friends or family looking for a physical and mental health boost this holiday season, check out our favorite boutique gym, Summit Fitness. The coaches are super knowledgeable and helpful, the community is full of nice people, and the smaller group classes keep things socially-distanced and super clean.

And here’s how you can support small businesses this holiday season (or any time really):

Follow them

This is the easiest one—hit that follow button. This is the easiest, quickest, and most effective way to show your support to your favorite small businesses. 

Social media likes & shares

These are also free! Be your favorite place’s biggest fan. Help their organic marketing traffic reach new people on your friend’s list. By sharing and liking their posts, you are introducing their content to new and different people who wouldn’t necessarily see it normally. That can lead to new fans and new sales for them down to road.

Gift cards

For those places that aren’t necessarily COVID-19 friendly, grabbing a gift card supports the local business right now while treating the person your giving the gift to at a later date. It’s a win-win.

Leave positive reviews

Tell Google and everyone on the internet how much you love your favorite businesses. This helps build their reputation and encourages more customers to stop by and shop from them. And of course, you’re helping drown out those few keyboard warriors that must tell about their bad experiences or negative opinions that pop up from time to time, even for the best of businesses.

Enjoy #SmallBusinessSaturday, and support your favorite local establishments!

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