Landing Pages: The Post-Click Experience

Feb 16th, 2021 Advertising, Marketing

Landing pages — ever heard of ‘em? At some point you’ve probably been told you needed one, only to feel your “upsell” senses start tingling. After all, isn’t a landing page just another piece of indistinguishable content eating away at your marketing budget?

Thankfully, nope. Landing pages play a key role in tracking metrics, converting clicks and making Google like you. And they can make a huge difference in turning your marketing dollars into big bucks.

Let’s do a deep dive into the post-click experience and why it matters.

Converting those leads

The goal of any marketing effort is to get more leads — but leads don’t always convert. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it click the call-to-action button on your site. That’s where landing pages come in.

Think of a landing page as an extension of the ads you’re running on social media. You only have so much room to get your point across on a Facebook or Google ad, but tying the ad to a landing page allows you to continue the conversation on your own turf.

When a user follows an ad to your landing page, it’s part of a seamless experience. The copy, imagery and CTAs all reflect what they’ve already seen on your ad, with more breathing room to convince them about your product or service.

When your customer follows an ad to a landing page, they’re one step closer to converting. Landing pages see an average conversion rate of 9.7%, in line with what Hubspot considers a “good” rate (10%).

Simply adding a landing page can get your ad campaign to that “good” benchmark. With a little extra TLC, it could start exceeding expectations in no time flat.

Tracking metrics

Where are my website visitors coming from? How do I know my ad campaigns are working? We get these questions all the time. 

Google Analytics can be pretty hard to read for the untrained eye, but landing pages simplify it. If your landing page is tied to a certain ad campaign, you’ll know that every single visitor to that page is a direct result of that campaign. 

This helps you easily see the path your leads are taking, and you can gauge if your ads are really driving clicks to your site.

Google likes it

What the almighty Google commands, we marketers humbly do. And Google loves a landing page.

When deciding where to place your ad, Google comes up with a “quality score.” One factor that determines that score is that you know what you’re talking about. That one’s easy enough if you’ve got a landing page with some killer content, but the almighty Google demands further tribute: a good post-click experience.

Ever click on an ad for apples, and you get sent to a page about oranges? Weird browsing habits you’ve got there, but you’ve been the victim of a bad post-click experience. You’re likely to take your produce-based needs to another company who knows their kiwis from the kumquats. 

When you exit that first company’s page without finding what you’re looking for, the almighty Google will know. And it will smite them for giving you the runaround, making their ad slowly fall off the page. How do you like them apples?

The long and short of this point is that a good landing page with helpful content that’s relevant to your ad is a surefire way to please Google. A good user experience, quality info and good CTAs can make all the difference between getting 10% conversions and getting 2%. 

If you’re ready to start converting those clicks into meaningful leads, start with a click of your own — like right here, for instance. We’re ready to roll when you are.

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