Landing Pages: The Post-Click Experience

Feb 16th, 2021 Advertising, Marketing

Landing pages—ever heard of them? In the past, you may have heard you needed one and your “upsell” senses start tingling. After all, is this not just another website page that you now have to pay for? Actually, it isn’t. Landing pages play a key role in tracking metrics, converting clicks, and making Google like you.

Let’s do a deep dive into the post-click experience and why it matters.

Converting those leads

The goal of any marketing effort is to get more leads. However, those don’t always convert. We can lead a horse to water, but we certainly can’t make it drink (or whatever that saying is). We can lead a client to your website, but we can’t make them click. That’s where landing pages jump in. Landing pages are there to make a more seamless experience for the user and actually make them want to click. Once we have them clicking on a landing page, we are one step closer to getting them to convert.

Landing pages are specified to the service or product you are advertising. The experience on this page—the copy, the images, the call-to-actions—are all tailored to the topic of the ad. Continuing this user experience gives a landing page a huge leg up compared to your home page or contact page. Landing pages are designed with conversions in mind. 

According to Hubspot, a “good” conversion rate is considered 10%. With a landing page, companies see an average conversion rate of 9.7%. Simply by adding a landing page to their marketing campaigns, conversion rates are already considered “good.” With some TLC, that ad campaign could be exceeding expectations in no time.

Tracking Metrics

Where are my website visitors coming from? How do I know my ad campaigns are working? We get these questions all the time. 

Google Analytics can be pretty hard to read for the untrained eye. However, landing pages simplify this. If a landing page is tied to one certain ad campaign, you know every single visitor landing on that page (see why they call it that) is from that campaign. This helps you see what path your leads are taking, and you’re able to gauge if your ads are really working.

Google likes it

Google likes it and if Google likes it, we do it. Why? Because Google is basically a marketer’s God, so what Google commands we humbly do—and Google loves a landing page. 

In the beginning, there was a quality score... Just kidding, but when deciding where to place your ad, Google comes up with a “quality score.” This goes off a couple of different things (that would take about ten blogs to cover, stay tuned). One of these being that Google crawls your website to make sure you are talking about what you say you are talking about. Not only that but what you are talking about matches what you are advertising in your ad. Cue a landing page.

So you know what you’re talking about, great— you are done!  But actually, nope that’s not enough. Google God needs more. We need a good post-click experience. Ever click on an ad and it takes you to a page that has nothing to do with whatever you clicked on? Woof. Not a good post-click experience. You likely rage quit and go find a better company.

This sort of bounce makes Google mad and your ad will slowly fall off the page. 

Setting up a landing page with good user experience, quality info, and good CTAs can make all the difference between getting 10% conversions and getting 2%. 

Ultimately, we could go on and on about the benefits of a landing page. But if you are interested in converting clicks to leads, we can take care of the rest. 

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