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Mar 17th, 2021 Advertising, Marketing

As a marketing agency, we can publish blog after blog just giving you tips and explaining how paid ads work, but sometimes it’s just better to show you what we’re talking about in action. Below are 4 examples of our clients’ success through paid advertising. We hope these stories help give you an idea of what can be helpful to your business, no matter your industry, type of business, or where you’re located.

Chimney Solutions 

There are more than 2.5 billion Facebook users, and on average, advertisers make $8 for every $1 spent on Google Ads. We find these two reach the largest and the right audience for our clients more often than the others. With Chimney Solutions, that is the exact formula they used to see major success in 2020.

 When faced with the trials of 2020, Chimney Solutions made the difficult decision to lessen some marketing efforts and put all of its focus into paid advertising. By upping their budget and advertising consistently, we saw a huge jump in all of their return. By huge, we mean they saw 4.44k conversions - up 91% from 2019 just in Google Ads. In addition, social engagements grew 429% coming in at 20,546. 

Not only does Chimney Solutions commit to their ad budget, but they have also committed to having a consistent brand voice throughout each platform. Since Kicks has been able to execute all of their ads and all of their social media, there has been complete consistency between every touchpoint a potential client has with Chimney Solutions on the web. Everything from ad copy to social media posts looks and feels the same anytime a consumer sees their content. With a digital world that prefers transparency, this has been a key in Chimney Solutions’ success. 

Williams Brothers Pharmacy

Williams Brothers Pharmacy came to use with very little and wanted to build it up to something big.  This is a client that had never really dabbled in marketing before despite being a very large business, so we've had an awesome time together building out what would work best for them. 

With Williams Brothers’ friendly brand voice and familial touch, feel-good and relatable content makes up their top-performing social posts and ads. So when it comes to paid ads, they boost a lot of content on Facebook to reach new people. Boosting posts that perform well organically is a great way to see what is more engaging to consumers and also works well as a test to see what would work well in a typical Facebook ad.

Williams Brothers' top-performing boosted posts have been giveaways and contests. In one contest alone, Williams Brothers acquired a reach of 25,288 and 1,133 Facebook leads. Giveaways and contests keep current customers engaged by asking them to like, comment, and share, while simultaneously reaching new people through those engagements and boosting those posts. Williams Brothers' clients are highly engaged with their staff in-store, so we try to mimic that experience as much as we can online as well.

G Michael Salon

G Michael Salon started with us a while back with branding and web design and turned into a marketing strategy post-launch. After a bit, we discovered Facebook video ads are their sweet spot. In 2020, G Michael Salon brought in 4.7k clicks with a smaller ad budget. G Michael has great visual assets to share in pictures of their top-notch salon and beautiful hair services. They capture a lot of content of their services with iPhone photos and share them with us to turn into ads. By capturing people’s attention with video, we have grown their Facebook engagement and their leads from Facebook quite a bit. 

Kicks Digital Marketing

Us! We utilize paid advertising as well. We utilize branded campaigns on Google ads to own our name on the web, and we boost posts and run ads on Facebook for brand awareness and to highlight content that we think is helpful for our audience or shows examples of our best work. 

Branded campaigns on Google are so important for a few reasons. First of all, if people are searching for you specifically, you want your name to pop up first. That means it needs to be an ad, and inversely, you don’t want to give that spot to a competitor. And second of all, branded campaigns are usually the cheapest type of campaign to run. Google usually offers your branded keywords to you at a cheaper price than what they would to competitors, helping you to own your own business name and services when people are looking for you. Google doesn’t want to mislead your potential customers.

For brand awareness on social media, we look to Facebook. We run video ads based on the services we offer, and we boost blog posts and relevant case studies to reach a bigger audience.  We typically boost posts that we think are helpful to our audience and Part of being a business on social media means you have to pay to play. Organic growth is a slow and steady process, but by boosting some posts and running ads (even with a small budget, say $150), you can reach many more people. Facebook will even let you know how many people they think you can reach with a boosted post. We find ours usually perform in the middle of the averages they predict, so you can trust what they are telling you based on what settings you want to use.

Just in the first couple of months of 2021, our Kicks Digital Marketing Facebook stats have jumped a bit. By boosting what we consider our high-value content and running one video ad, we’ve had 26.4k impressions, 7.2k reach, and 254 clicks come from ads. In comparison, our organic reach in those same months was 1.5k. For those not great with numbers, our paid reach is about 5 times our organic reach (that’s a lot of new eyeballs on our content).

Not all companies are created equal, and each company's marketing plan shouldn't be either. Whether these numbers were impressive to you or not, they are doing what matters—succeeding for the company they were designed for. We hope there are a few tips that you can take away from these examples, and as always, if you'd like to chat about paid ads or marketing strategy with us, we're all ears!

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