What We’re Grateful For: 2021 Edition

Nov 24th, 2021 Uncategorized

It’s Thanksgiving time, and you know what that means… It’s time to go around the proverbial table and share what we’re all thankful for. We’ll go first. 

There’s a lot that has happened this year at Kicks Digital Marketing. Recapping the highlights has been a fun walk down memory lane. Starting off with:

Team Growth

We had two new members join our team this spring and summer—content marketer Chris and marketing manager Ali. 

Chris brought a plethora of content expertise, along with a cute corgi and wit to boot. He’s elevated our clients’ content and our own. 

Ali joined our team in the summer, bringing with her lots of fresh marketing ideas, a mind for creative content, and a bubbly personality. She’s learned to juggle all of our clients’ needs with grace. 

I think I speak for the whole team when I say we’re excited to keep growing together and see where 2022 takes us. (Hopefully adding more team members! This is a great time to plug our careers page, no?)

New Office Space

After working remotely since March 2020, we finally moved back into an office space in November 2021. The hybrid work from home or office practice is where we really thrive, and we are thrilled to have a space to collaborate in and host clients again!

We’ve moved into the Murphy Arts Center building in the heart of Fountain Square (downtown Indianapolis for those out-of-towners who are reading). We’ve already made neighbor office friends and have made quite a few trips to Bovaconti and Snakeroot Botanicals across the street. Many more Fountain Square adventures are sure to come. 

We couldn’t talk about the office and not give a shoutout to our gal Brooke for really working to make the office space Kicks’ home! It’s really come together because of her.

Coffee & Cocktails

To know Kicks is to know we love these two things deeply, but even more so in this post-vaccine world. With the ever-evolving COVID-19 protocols, we’ve been grateful this year for the times we have gotten to get together for any reason as a team. 

The new office has made getting together much easier, but 2021 was marked by sporadic hang sessions. We’d gather at coffee shops for client meetings, visit one another’s houses for team huddles, and enjoy a drink or two on a patio on a warm summer day. We even got to go to our first conference together in 2 years. That one felt GOOD.

There’s just something magical about being with your people—from clients to friends to family. We’re thankful for that this year.

We hope we didn’t get too cheesy on you, but this year has been one for the books in a lot of ways (and we’re pretty sure we’re not the only ones to experience that). 

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