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Dec 6th, 2022

Two thumbs up for One Down Dog

Last month we launched the long-awaited One Down Dog website refresh. From a brand overhaul to an optimized user-experience, we provided the ODD family with the tools to better service their fellow yogis.

While you might not live in Los Angeles, you can take a virtual visit and check out their new site. Interested in yoga? You can always join up on the On Demand classes hosted by their awesome teachers. Check back for a deep dive into the project but view it live today.

Tweet or delete?

To be fair, I have not used Twitter in the last (insert more than three years at least) years. It was too much, too rapid, and filled with redundancy. Just like you see with every virtue signaling keyboard activist on platforms like Facebook or Instagram, the same message gets picked up and re-shared over and over just to fill your timeline. Add in the "Quote Retweet" option and now you've got the keyboard lawyers' opinion tied with it. I gave up that vice a while back.

I started writing my initial post and found myself deep in research from Elon downsizing the staff and running operations after dissolving the board, to a Saudi prince being a large shareholder. I got overwhelmed with the positioning of seemingly political op-ed style writing and at that point I hit Ctrl+A > Delete.

Social media is about thought leadership and community in its highest form. "With 20 years of service in (insert sector here) we can provide you the highest quality customer service," is a post of the past. Show your audience the people that make this possible, and how.

In short, when I say "your business has no business being on Twitter," I am speaking to the average client I handle on a day-to-day. The majority of businesses we interact with are just now trying to make an impact on social. At this stage, think of it as running behind the train with go-go-gadget arms trying to grasp attention with lack of budget to generate the now favored video content. Unless you can afford the time and effort of your team or paying for a third-party organization to build content, engage with audiences, and buy attention, you are better served to turn your eyes to pay-per-click search advertising.

Kicks’ Picks

If there’s two things we know about Howl + Hide Supply Co., our favorite leather shop in Fountain Square, it’s that:

1) we can creepily stare at them from the windows of our office

2) we’re so totally stoked to say that they’re our latest client here at Kicks. In the spirit of the holidays, here’s the Howl + Hide gear we hope to see under the tree this year.

Here are our picks

Matt and The Morris Messenger

The Morris messenger bag has caught my eye, especially the limited stone grey colorway. Once it comes back in stock I can finally walk to work in style.

Donelson's Dope Duffle Delight

It's the print for me on the Capitol Duffle. Give me some good texture, a colorway mix that grabs the eye, and natural tones that will patina with time and I'm in.

Chris and the Pretty Penny

The navy Penny is right up my alley, but do you have any idea how many Magic: The Gathering decks I could fit in a Fletcher Napsack?

Summer and Alice in Wonderland

Christmas would be more magical with a black Alice handbag to carry around town.

Kickin’ It Around Indy

Carmel Christkindlmarkt, Nov 19 – Dec 30 — You don’t have to sprechen sie deutsch to enjoy Carmel’s German Christmas market. Snag your tickets early for ice skating, or just stuff yourself with raclette cheese and festive beer like the rest of us.

Christkindlmarkt at the Atheneum, Nov 25 – Dec 18 — Don’t want to hoof it up to Carmel? Come downtown for the Atheneum’s inaugural Christkindlmarkt right on Mass Ave.

Winterlights at Newfields, Nov 20 – Jan 8 — We like big bulbs and we cannot lie. Winterlights is back for its sixth season with 1.5+ million lights, new additions and locally made drinks and snacks.

The average person spends nearly 20 hours a week on social media. How does yours rank?

Let's Get social

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