The Monthly Mullet, June 2023

Jun 15th, 2023

One more shoutout for One Down Dog

Long-time Monthly Mullet buffs will remember that late last year we shouted from the rooftops about our awesome clients at One Down Dog, a yoga studio based in LA. They tapped Kicks to build out a fancy new website that allows for easier scheduling, simpler navigation, and a lot better vibes than their old site.

We recently put together a full-blown case study on the work we did with One Down Dog, and we’d sure wag our tails if you gave it a gander. You’ll see how we pulled off all the technical mumbo jumbo to make ODD’s site really purr — forgive the mixed animal metaphors.

See Case Study

Brand Refresh vs. Rebranding — What’s The Diff?

When it’s time to rekindle the love with your branding, you’ve got two options: full-fledged rebranding or a light brand refresh. Which is right for you? Kicks’ Design Lead Summer sounds off in our latest blog.

How Refreshing

Tales From the Cheap Seats

Summer weather means it’s concert season. The Kicks crew has been to their fair share of shows and festivals over the years, but here are some of our all-time favorites.

Matt — The best show I’ve seen was Tom Petty in 2005 at Deer Creek. The Black Crowes opened and they were great. Tom Petty came on and played for as long as he could. The whole evening you could see a massive thunderstorm headed right towards the venue. Once it got there lightning hit a tree in the parking lot and it caught on fire, then it hit the stage and killed most of the power to the venue. Petty tried to sing "Learning to Fly” without any power, but eventually he said, “Hey we’re gonna have to cut this short. Show’s over.” There was a mad dash to the parking lot to not get stuck in hour-long traffic. That was the last time I wore sandals to a concert.

Josh — I went to Madison Square Garden to see Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck. We were a few drinks in and headed on our way to grab our seats. As we neared the entrance, a scalper offered us $1,000 for our tickets. A sweet $800 profit would’ve been nice. We weighed our options for a good 10-15 minutes. We decided against it and headed in – scalper, not too happy we wasted his time. While we sat in our seats I noticed a familiar rug and an acoustic guitar. About twenty minutes later, Eric Clapton (the headliner) takes the stage and proceeds to play the entirety of Clapton Unplugged, one of my favorite albums that inspired me to learn guitar. Jeff Beck followed with a crushing set, another full-band Clapton set, and then another entire set of covers where Clapton and Beck teamed up with both bands, a full orchestra, and choir. Was this a ploy to get me to spend over $400 on alcohol and snacks? 

Chris — The first show I ever went to was Jimmy Buffet, I think I was like twelve maybe? I had to have been pretty young, because I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why all the grown-ups were acting funny after smoking their weird-smelling cigarettes.

Summer — I saw St. Vincent at Egyptian Room a couple years ago, and that was pretty nuts. It was real groovy and psychedelic, but there were these two dudebros in front of me who were absolutely blitzed before the show even started. It kinda felt like they wandered in from the street, because I wouldn’t have pegged them for St. Vincent fans. I hope they made it home okay 😬

Kickin’ It Around Indy

Food Truck Fridays, through Aug 24 — Broke: eating food from a restaurant. Woke: eating food from a truck. Head on down to Georgia Street right outside of Pan Am Plaza and hit up some of Indy’s best food trucks from 11am-1:30pm.

WonderRoad Music Fest, June 17-18 — Garfield Park is about to pop off. Come see Weezer, Jason Isbell and Chris’s faves Tegan and Sara, among other great bands, in this all-weekend outdoor extravaganza.

Father’s Day, June 18 — Who’s yer daddy? Whoever he is, don’t forget to get him something nice… might we recommend some nice leather goods from Howl + Hide?

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