The Monthly Mullet, September 2023

Sep 6th, 2023

Keepin’ It Indy.

This one’s major, folks: not only are we card-carrying members of the Indy Chamber, we were also honored to rebuild their massive, all-encompassing website for all things good and local.

Events calendars, membership enrollment, resource libraries — we break it all down in our latest case study.

Kicks x Indy Chamber

Labor Day? More like LAme/BORing DAY jobs.

Think about the worst job you ever had. Now wash it away with a shot of whisky and listen in as Kicks reminisces about our crappiest 9-5’s.

Matt — Fortunately, I haven’t had a terrible 9-5 job. Parts of my past jobs have been pretty bad, though. My first job was cleaning movie theaters after the shows. Next I was a lifeguard, but part of our duties were cleaning the bathrooms every day after the pool closed. Both jobs made me appreciate people that clean up after themselves.

Josh — Angie’s List. Nuff said. (it turns hopeful college grads into money hungry monsters with little to no security)

Chris — When I was freelancing, I had a “boss” who would literally breathe down people’s necks while they worked. Nothing gets me more in the mood to write blogs than getting flavor-blasted by chicken salad sandwich breath.

Summer — I’d say the worst kind of job you can have is one that eventually crushes your spirit. Fresh out of college, bright-eyed, hopeful…a few years later, an agency had wrung it out of me. My advice? Don’t stay too long if your concerns are continually ignored.

Kickin’ It Around Indy

Oktoberfest? Jawohl! — Did you know that Oktoberfest is actually the celebration leading up to the titular month? That means September is prime time to drink lots of good ol’ local lagers at your brewery of choice.

Penrod Arts Fair, Sep 9 — Let’s get artsy fartsy! Penrod is back for their 56th year at Newfields, where you’ll find tons of artists, food and drink to keep you busy on the self-proclaimed “Indiana’s Nicest Day.”

ALL IN Music & Arts Festival, Sep 9-10 — Listen, there are probably a ton of talented bands playing here but TENACIOUS FRIGGING D is enough to make this festival worth the cost of admission.

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