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Ecomm Wins Big for 9&8 Golf

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With their custom-made training tools already in the hands of Pro Tour athletes, 9&8 Golf was teed up for success. As they set their sights on hitting the mass market, 9&8 leaned on Kicks for a fore… no, FIVE-star ecomm site.



Conversation First, Then Conversion

9&8 came to Kicks with a pretty presentable website built on their existing brand and a basic Shopify template. With that foundation in place, we helped them kick things up a notch to elevate their brand and their ecomm potential.

One of the bigger wins was building out marketing pages for each product category. By focusing on the larger selling point of “Here’s how we can help comprehensively improve your golf game” before shoving individual products in the shopper’s face, we put conversation in the forefront with conversions following naturally.

For 9&8’s extensive collegiate-licensed product lines, we implemented a mega menu of school logos. Using logos rather than text helps shoppers identify their alma mater quickly and click over to all of their merch in one convenient page.

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Easy-Peasy Ecomm

Building a simple, intuitive ecomm site is just the first step. Adding some extra razzle dazzle is what really greases those “add to cart” fingers.

First up, we encouraged big purchases by implementing a bulk discount tool for 9&8 Golf gear. We touted the “buy more and save” message on each product page, as well as a pop-up banner at the bottom right of the website globally.

We also built up shoppers’ confidence by adding clarity and validation for each product. On-page tutorials and how-to videos eliminate doubt about specific SKUs, and we set up an automated drip campaign to gather sincere reviews from actual customers — not bots.

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With alignment on brand, audience and U/X, Kicks set up Risers For You for a big leap forward.

Risers For U/X

Selling a clean, simple product is only as clean and simple as your e-comm site. When we redesigned Risers’ website, we did it with a simple user experience in mind — especially considering the older end of the audience spectrum.

By leveraging WooCommerce, we helped Risers offer a customized shopping experience for their range of products. Users can easily filter to find the right leg shape, finish and size for their furniture.

Who’s Influencing Who?

Is there anything cringier than “influencers”? There are millions of vapid talking heads selling garbage online, but getting movers and shakers to promote your brand doesn’t have to feel so yucky.

9&8 Golf’s practice tools have genuinely been used by PGA Tour pros, so tapping into their sway within the game was a big win for the new site. We peppered 9&8’s simple marketing page with callouts from professional golfers, building a grassroots network of influencers for the budding golf brand.

Kicks Web Design
Wanted to thank you guys for another job well done thematically, narratively, programmatically, and I’m sure other words too. Site looks awesome. Really nice work, on a nice budget, in a timely manner.
Derrick Dilts, Co-Founder

About 9&8 Golf

9&8 Golf’s custom-made suite of tools helps a growing number of professionals and amateur players refine their game. If precision, repeatability and perfecting the fundamentals is your goal, start training with 9&8 gear in your golf bag.

You’ve got great stuff to sell online, Kicks has the knack for building great ecomm sites to help you hit your KPIs — and a hole in one.

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