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Modern marketing tactics for a modern adoption agency

For more than 35 years, Adoption Support Center has set the standard for modern, ethical adoption in Indiana. As pioneers in an ever-changing industry, the women at ASC reached out to Kicks to keep them agile in the digital age.



Embracing content-driven marketing

When ASC opened their doors in the 1980s, the world was a much different place. People looking for a local adoption agency would simply pick up the yellow pages and call around, with little more information than the agency’s name and their phone number.

Today, we expect much more information before we pick up the phone. We check websites to get a gut check for the legitimacy of the business, and to do a bit of research ahead of time. Adoption Support Center was well equipped to help expectant moms and adoptive parents — but their website wasn’t built with those modern sensibilities in mind.

Kicks embarked on a massive content project that would result in 32 robust web pages for expectant/birth moms, adoptive parents and adoptees. We interviewed all members of the adoption triad to learn about their needs, where ASC was most helpful, and where we could fill in the gaps.

To ensure a clean user experience, we crafted a menu that drives each of their unique audiences to unique sub-sections of the website. For example, a pregnant woman can navigate to an ecosystem that is dedicated solely to helping her explore her options, including adoption. The remainder of the site remains hidden to her, so she only sees the information relevant to her needs along the user journey.

ASC’s new website isn’t just a way to convert leads — it’s a hub of knowledge for all things related to modern, ethical adoption. Whether you’re a woman carrying an unintended pregnancy, a family who’s struggling with infertility or an adult adoptee looking for community, you can find help at adoptionsupportcenter.com.

Friendly Functionality

To gain more clients and potential customers, Viable Insights needed a site that made who they are, what they do, and how they do it immediately clear. They also needed to help those unfamiliar with the evaluation field understand their services without sounding condescending—something this team is not.

We created navigation based on UX/UI to create a simple and linear flow for users to digest information. The website now guides users in an easy and engaging way. Adding chatbot technology, an event calendar, and a schedule for courses offered allows Viable Insights to effectively connect, communicate, and interact with their clients. Let's talk about we can improve your website functionality.

Branding — a light in the darkness

Even in ethical adoption, birth moms aren’t always ready for a relationship with their child and the adoptive family. It can take years, even decades, for women to become ready to reconnect — and ASC is waiting with open arms when they do.

Only one problem: as descriptive as Adoption Support Center’s name is, it’s not the easiest to commit to memory when you’re going through the stress of an unintended pregnancy. Fortunately, ASC’s logo seemed to do the trick. “Birth moms don’t always remember our name,” says Executive Director Amanda Thrasher. “But they always remember the sunshine in our logo.”

As Kicks set about rebranding ASC with a more modern touch, we nodded to two important elements from the existing logo:

A script font — to communicate the personal touch all members of the adoption triad receive when they work with ASC, and;

The sun icon — as a beacon to ensure birth moms know where to turn for support, no matter how many years it’s been since they chose adoption

The resulting logo is a nuanced evolution to refresh the ASC brand while still remaining recognizable to their key demographics. In addition to the snazzy new website, Kicks hooked ASC up with new business cards, email signature graphics and a brochure, all sporting the new look.



Adopting a new approach to audience outreach

The hallmark of any marketing campaign boils down to a simple question: are you reaching the target audience? Historically, word of mouth had done a great job at letting pregnant women know that ASC was there to help. But in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, ASC knew they needed to shift the conversation online to stay visible to expectant moms.

Part of the marketing play for ASC was a heavy focus on paid ads targeted toward women considering adoption.

ASC defined what it means to be a modern adoption agency in Indiana. Now with a fresh new look, website and approach to reaching their audience, they’ve redefined themselves for the modern, digital world.

Deven Wisner, Partner Viable Insights

About Adoption Support Center

Adoption Support Center is a licensed child placement agency in Indiana. For more than 35 years, ASC has set the standard for modern, ethical adoption for all members of the adoption triad. Support isn’t just in ASC’s name — it’s their lifelong promise to birth moms, adoptive parents and adoptees alike.

From major content lifts to branding refinement, Kicks can help you define — or redefine — your brand for success in the 2020s.

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