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As the leading company that captures human measurements to power user-centric product design, Anthrotech does some great work for the world. When it was time to revamp their original Kicks-made website that we made years ago, we were beyond excited to find that the Anthrotech team does great work as a marketing client, too. 

Here’s how Kicks and Anthrotech built a blueprint for a great agency/client relationship.



Teamwork Really Does Make the Dream Work

Alright, the client agreed to the scope and we’re off to the races. As we dive into content writing, we’re going to lean on our old pals Gallant and Goofus to model good and not-so-good client behavior.

With new leadership and a new brand focus, Anthrotech came to the table ready to rock on service-focused content development. From day one, Kicks worked hand in hand with Anthrotech’s CCO, who has a strong marketing background himself.

The marketing background on the client side is helpful for sure — but what was more helpful was Anthrotech’s availability and readiness to take an active part in the project. 

Kicks and Anthrotech set up recurring meetings to collaborate on content development every step of the way. Ideas flowed from both sides, and when Kicks had questions, Anthrotech was quick to hop on a call and provide answers.

Anthrotech’s initiative from day one proves the point: great collaboration is the key to making great content.

Kicks Content

Know Thy Brand, Know Thyself

Time for design! Let’s see what the client gave us to work with.

Goofus says “I’ll know what I want when I see it.”
Gallant says “Here’s our 15-page brand book.”

Branding is about much more than a logo. Fonts, colors, photography references — strong brands have a thorough plan for all of the design elements that go into marketing.

Anthrotech came to the table with a robust brand book that outlined their approach to all of those design elements and more. That allowed Kicks to produce wireframes and iterations on design without wasting time with guesswork.

If all you have is a logo, you don’t have a brand. But worry not — Kicks can help you find yours and pave the way for design success.

Web Branding

Let Me Be Clear

Looks like the client left feedback on our first draft. Let’s see what edits they’re suggesting!

Goofus says “I don’t like this image.”
Gallant says “Please replace the image here with this one: newphoto.png”

Want to waste time with revisions and drive your marketing partners up the wall? Wishy-washy feedback with no clear path forward is a great way to do it.

At every step of review, Anthrotech provided clear, actionable suggestions for revisions they would like to see. For messaging edits, the Anthrotech team took a stab at a rewrite for the Kicks crew to work with. For design edits, they provided a link to replacement images or websites to draw inspiration from.

You don’t have to be a marketing guru to help point your agency partner in the right direction. But “I want to see something like THIS instead” is the baseline for helpful client feedback.

Risers For U/X

Selling a clean, simple product is only as clean and simple as your e-comm site. When we redesigned Risers’ website, we did it with a simple user experience in mind — especially considering the older end of the audience spectrum.

By leveraging WooCommerce, we helped Risers offer a customized shopping experience for their range of products. Users can easily filter to find the right leg shape, finish and size for their furniture.

See Something? Say Something Early!

The new site is designed, developed and ready to launch. How are you feeling, client?

Goofus says “I never liked how this page looked, can we change it now?”
Gallant says “Everything looks great. Let’s push it live!”

There’s a good reason that marketers check for client approval at every step of the web dev process. It squashes easily-avoidable issues with content, design and functionality early, so there’s less scrambling as launch day draws closer.

If we’re changing paragraphs of text and going back to the drawing board on design after the website has already been built, it means something went majorly wrong on the client side. It’s a clear sign that our points of contact:

  • Saw necessary changes early but didn’t speak up

  • Didn’t actually review content or design when they were asked to

  • Was facing pressure to get the site out the door, and figured they would worry about edits later

  • Didn’t get feedback from 100% of stakeholders, and are now facing heat from a higher-up

When Anthrotech’s new site was ready for launch, it was REALLY ready for launch. That’s because the Anthrotech team was tuned in at every stage and set aside ample time to confidently approve content, design and site functionality.

I like the new Anthrotech website very much. But more importantly, my team said they had a really good session with Kicks and they were very pleased to be working with you. I really appreciate everything you’ve done for us.
Bruce Bradtmiller, Ph.D.

About Anthrotech

Anthrotech is the global leader in anthropometric data insights empowering innovation teams to apply human body dimensional data in the creation of their product designs to deliver the highest levels of product fit and comfort, inclusivity, and user performance.

Ready to be a Gallant and go hands-on with the future of your website? You won’t find a better partner than Kicks Digital Marketing.

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