Navigating the Road Ahead
juice love + happiness already has some client relationships in place for distribution; however, they have more extensive product lines available for shipping. Our KDM team was charged with refreshing an existing logo design, crafting a concise narrative for complex products and building an e-commerce site designed to move product.

When your business is all about getting clients from point A to point B safely, effectively, and on time, you need a brand that can be trusted. The Dickinson Fleet Services team has built that trust with clients, but their brand didn’t accurately represent who they are, which meant there was a blind spot. To help drive the company beyond its current customer base, we took the wheel and updated their messaging and content, created a new website to highlight their abilities, services, and dedication to excellence, and committed to managing their digital ads for the long haul.

"I am extremely impressed with how this turned out. You guys did an incredible job and are great to work with! If there is anything you need from us, or anywhere that I can go to write a referral and review, please let me know."
Kyle Coltrain, Director of Strategic Partnerships

While most of their customers take advantage of their innovative mobile maintenance team, Dickinson aims to be the #1 fleet maintenance provider, period. Dickinson trusted our Kicks team to guide them through brand refinement, messaging, web planning, design and build to reinforce their top-tier status.

Establishing the Brand

On a mission to grow, Dickinson Fleet Services must maintain their brand identity. Through in-depth client and stakeholder research, we sought to bring clarity to the Dickinson brand.

Who are they? What do they stand for? How do their employees and customers perceive them?

All of these questions are important when establishing brand tone and content for the Dickinson website. Once we determined the brand archetype and tonality, we build a robust brand guideline around the existing Dickinson Fleet Services brand. Now, they can grow and never lose control of their brand.

National Presence

In order to showcase Dickinson Fleet Service's national reach, we implemented a store locator tool that allows their organization to quickly manage and present their customers with accurate information for Service Centers and geo-locators for mobile technicians. As Dickinson Fleet Services continues to grow, they can count on their presence always being visible online.

Returning vs. New Customers

It was important to define the journey for both user groups that visit the Dickinson Fleet Services website. Utilizing a split menu and robust footer menu, they are able to provide valuable links for new and returning users. Expanding into on-page content and functionalities, their users are greeted with easy access to contact information, Service Center locators, and simple navigation.

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About Dickinson Fleet Services

Founded in 1997, Dickinson Fleet Services has grown from three garages with a few dozen technicians to 21 company-owned service centers, over 700 mobile-service trucks, and 1000+ employees nationwide. They work with fleets across the country, both large and small. From Fortune 100 companies to owner/operators – when it comes to fleet maintenance, they have a solution to fit all needs. Their passion for quality work and excellent customer service continues to push Dickinson to the top of the list; delivering best-in-class service day-in and day-out.

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