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When you’re in the business of making physicians and patients’ lives easier, your branding should follow suit. EngagedMD, a fertility software company, streamlines patient and physician experiences, simplifying legalities, processes, and information. They’ve seen expansive growth due to the necessity and effectiveness of their software and own 25% of the marketplace; however, they needed a complete brand refresh to see the growth they truly wanted. We spent countless hours with their internal teams conducting interviews, researching the market, curating customized content, and designing a website worthy of their services.


The Right Words

EngagedMD had already defined their aesthetic and brand voice—but it was incomplete and ineffective. They had gaps, execution breakdowns, and *gasp* contradicting content. To ensure their brand voice, messaging, and content were aligned, we worked together to define who they are, who they aren’t, and who they wanted to be—all while prioritizing their mission, capabilities, positions, and audience. We can help you choose the words to define your voice.

Web Design with You in Mind

We focused on UX/UI design so users would be able to navigate and stay engaged throughout each page of the site. To ensure consistency, we collaborated with EngagedMD’s in-house designer to build effective elements and strong visuals. Using in-video characters, we built a cross-platform familiarity for users and physicians that translated effectively into print materials as well.

"On behalf of myself and the rest of the EngagedMD team, I want to thank you (the Kicks team) for all of your hard work, patience, and dedication throughout this project. This website is a massive step forward for the company as a whole."

Mike Wezner, Co-CEO

About EngagedMD

Fertility treatment is a medical marvel, but it’s also something that needs to be carefully considered. Beyond patient needs, physicians, nurses, and fertility specialists struggle to balance the needs of their patients and the demands of their practice, which can create gaps in information and communication. EngagedMD is a simple solution that makes the fertility process easy to manage for patients and staff by creating user-friendly tools for accurate monitoring and reporting. This software solution streamlines the fertility process, allowing for more time and focus on building a family.

Looking to stay consistent with content and brand? We got you.

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