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juice love + happiness already has some client relationships in place for distribution; however, they have more extensive product lines available for shipping. Our KDM team was charged with refreshing an existing logo design, crafting a concise narrative for complex products and building an e-commerce site designed to move product.

When you’re in the business of making physicians and patients’ lives easier, your branding should follow suit. EngagedMD, a fertility software company, streamlines patient and physician experiences, simplifying legalities, processes, and information. They’ve seen expansive growth due to the necessity and effectiveness of their software and own 25% of the marketplace; however, they needed a complete brand refresh to see the growth they truly wanted. We spent countless hours with their internal teams conducting interviews, researching the market, curating customized content, and designing a website worthy of their services.

"On behalf of myself and the rest of the EngagedMD team, I want to thank you (the KDM team) for all of your hard work, patience, and dedication throughout this project. This website is a massive step forward for the company as a whole."
Mike Wezner, Co-CEO

EngagedMD shows up - they’re creators and problem solvers. Their software improves the chaos, uncertainty and headache of fertility education and informed consent. For EngagedMD, creating software is a response to dealing with the calamity of the process. In fertility there is an overwhelming amount of information the patient needs and the practices must deliver and there are legal and ethical boxes that must be checked. It’s important for patients and physicians that the process is followed perfectly, consistently, every time for every patient.

While EngagedMD own 25% of the marketplace; they are chasing hockey stick growth. They know that they can help practices make a difference and improve patient experience. They want to be sure that their brand aesthetic, verbal messaging and digital touchpoint are on par with the experience that their product and service teams deliver.

Kicks partnered with the EngagedMD to hone in on their brand message. Our team reviewed client surveys, conducted competitor research and had extensive discussion with the full EngagedMD team. From the rebrand rollout, to content curation, and web design - collectively, we strengthened EngagedMD’s position.

Brand Overview and Messaging
EngagedMD is and has access to a multi-talented team. When they joined forces with Kicks Digital, they had a leg up on their brand aesthetic and ample intention surrounding their verbal brand, but it was incomplete. There were gaps between intention and execution and even some contradictions.

We worked together to define who they are, who they aren’t, and what they could/want to be. From there, we aligned word choice and specified rules around copy and tone. We tested headline messages and supporting statements and then worked our way through the site copy. Throughout each layer, we kept EngagedMD’s mission, capabilities, positioning, and audience top of mind. Every word on their site has been customized by design.

Website Design
A key component of their products involve thoughtful UI/UX and coordinated design. As we worked through the project, it became very important to collaborate with their in-house animation designer to drill down on specific elements of the site.

For visuals, we leveraged in-video characters and elements to deliver a cross-platform familiarity for users and physicians.

For printed materials, we infused the designs with common themes from the website to maintain cross-platform consistency.

Communication is key
Working with a multi-talented group lends to deep conversation and thorough ongoing scoping. Projects like these leverage the expertise of various team members and require intense collaboration—one of our core values.

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