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In It for the Long Haul

Good work doesn’t get done when you run on auto-pilot. After working with Hoosier Hauler on a website refresh, we were asked to create and manage a long-term digital strategy. Managed by a provider outside of local limits, Hooser Hauler’s digital strategy and implementation was running as close to auto-pilot as you can get without crashing. We took them in the right direction with a refined approach to Google Ads and social media.

Optimizing Ads

To make ads that mattered we defined the goal of Hoosier Hauler: sell dumpsters and build a sustainable lead channel. With a budget of $750 a month—tight but doable–we reviewed current activity and keyword targeting, refined the match type and location settings, allowing the budget to spread evenly across selected areas for optimal impact.

Friendly Functionality

To gain more clients and potential customers, Viable Insights needed a site that made who they are, what they do, and how they do it immediately clear. They also needed to help those unfamiliar with the evaluation field feel understand their services without sounding condescending—something this team is not.

We created a navigation based on UX/UI to create a simple and linear flow for users to digest information. The website now guides users in an easy and engaging way. Adding chatbot technology, an event calendar, and schedule for courses offered allows Viable Insights to effectively connect, communicate, and interact with their clients.

Increasing Quality Score

With a new website in place, it was important for us to mirror site content when creating ads to increase the quality score for bid keywords. Our content creation included selected keywords on relevant landing pages where we directed user traffic. This improved users’ search experience and boosted overall quality scores.

Bidding Strategy

To make a more targeted approach, we built a conservative conversion maximization strategy that began with a limited budget. We were able to grow the account over time, gaining access to an increased budget of $1,500. Once the account reached the success we wanted, we monitored progress by tracking and refining ads to keep campaigns as close to 100$ Google ds optimization as possible. Over the last three years, we’ve seen significant success in conversion metrics while maintaining a stable budget.

This graphic highlights one month from 2017 to 2019 and 2018 to 2019 for cost versus conversions. With the $1,500 budget we were able to gain 300+ conversions on average.

Good ads can’t run without direction or end goals. We know how to take digital strategies from auto-pilot chaos to interactive success through active monitoring, management, and maintenance based on performance. That’s how you land real results.


About Hoosier Hauler

Hoosier Hauler is a veteran-owned dumpster rental company, offering the most unique roll-off dumpster service in the Indianapolis Metro area. They provide exceptional service to residential and commercial customers that require trash hauling and junk removal with equipment that fits into the “mini dumpster” category. When a monstrous 30-yard roll-off dumpster container is not the right fit for your job site or job size, they provide smaller trash containers that save space and dollars while taking care of waste disposal needs.

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