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An organization as important and purposeful as Indy Pride needed branding to reflect its impact; something classic, lasting, and memorable. Kicks came in with a fresh take on Pride’s logo, website, and content, maintaining a connection to the national organization with a unique spin customized for Indianapolis. The rebrand speaks volumes, just like Pride. 



Creating a branded icon.

Broadening the implications of the brand, we created an icon that was both Indiana and LQTBQ+ forward. This provides the organization relevance not only be in the moment but also lends itself to future iterations of a larger brand and state-wide reach.

The Indy Pride brand mark is a contemporary representation of the solidarity of the LGBTQ community. This mark is a blend of the pride flag with the state of Indiana. A gradient is used across the stripes to show inclusivity and dimension. That gradient is used throughout their project for continuity.

Responsive web design

To ensure Pride users get the full Pride experience on any device, we created designs that looked stellar no matter the size of the screen. This allows Pride to reach their audience on the go, at home, on vacation—anywhere, helping the organization improve its search rankings and give its users the ability to comfortably engage with the site on desktop, tablet, or mobile. As on 2022, Kicks no longer manages their website.

Social media

When you have a brand with as many community programs, events, and meetups as Pride, you need a social strategy to inform, engage, and encourage your audience to participate and take action. We craft curated content for Pride to keep their users connected, supported, and in the loop.

Seamlessness is key

On the web, strategically merged organization, event, and league specific information into a single domain authority. We included thoughtful content and visual elements to help navigate the user through a variety of complex content, events, and resources. Seamlessness is key. We continue to partner with the organization such that their respective events have complementary branded logos and printed design, cementing their continuity.

"(We’re) absolutely loving it. The team is great, produces fantastic work, and we couldn’t be happier."

Chris Handberg, Executive Director

About Indy Pride

Indy Pride, Inc. as a 501(c)3 organization serves in many capacities for many people. Their work is important. Their vision and responsibility to the LGTBQ+ community and their supporters are expansive. Before seeking a new digital marketing partner, the organization knew who they were, but they needed an aesthetic refresh and streamlined functionality. As a not-for-profit entity, they rely heavily on donor dollars, as such Indy Pride has several fundraising events and leagues affiliated with the organization. Each of these unique events followed its own protocol. This digital separation caused brand confusion. Indy Pride, Inc. needed to create digital clarity and unify the organization on the whole under a singular domain authority.

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