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When your brand is focused on peace, calm, and happiness, you need to give your customers a soothing experience. juice love + happiness had found success with their CBD products and an increasing client base, but needed to enhance their website and ecommerce platform to be user friendly, welcoming, and sustainable. We were happy to help drop some branding, design, and content knowledge.



Logo Design and Branded Materials

We expanded upon an existing logo template to highlight the medical benefits of CBD. With subtle details (notice the + instead of an &), we made the juice love + happiness brand a delicate balance of clinical care and natural healing. To showcase their brand, we generated a suite of marketing materials, including:

Packaging With All the Feels

To do the brand justice, we wanted customers to be enamored with the way the products looked, connected to the brand, and feel excited about their purchases. The juice love + happiness brand exudes positivity and good vibes, so we packaged it to reflect that.

Package Design Elements included various bottle sizes, glass tincture bottles, and canisters with stylized lids. The big challenge was determining what to put on the bottles. Given the product is related to the health industry, we determined that nutritional values and ingredients were important. Facing scrutiny in the marketplace, CBD oils are required to Certificates of Analysis that are easily accessible by users. Using a QR code on each product package, we created a link to the required content while driving users to take on-site actions.

Product Photography

We had the beautiful brand. We had designs that made us weak in the knees. Now, we needed to ensure that the photography that showcased these artfully crafted products was of the highest quality as to not cheapen what juice love + happiness built.

Our in-house photographer provided high-resolution images that brought the products to life.

If you're looking to liven up your products, reach out.

Content as Calming as CBD

juice love + happiness creates products that can help people from all walks of life. With a lot of questions and concerns regarding benefits, we decided that the website should serve as an educator to engage and inform potential customers. With created ailment guides while providing dosage guides for existing customers.

Ecommerce Integration

Delivering an easy-to-use eCommerce website can be challenging when you are trying to educate and inform with the ultimate goal of capturing sales. One thing that makes juice love + happiness unique are their Field Guides and Outposts. Knowing that CBD oil is sanctioned by online payment processing, juice love + happiness developed a program where users can sell to in-person networks and in-store. Categorizing products to be easily sorted by users, we try to lead potential customers to products they want or most likely need. Let us lead your eCommerce strategy in the right direction.

Using a simple product page layout, we reinforce the specifications with FAQs to help users understand common themes relating to the CBD oil industry and its usage. As users complete their orders, they can use their Field Guide or Outpost code in order to alert the juice love + happiness team of the user's affiliation to said organizer, but why does this matter? juice love + happiness give back a portion of the proceeds to a charity chosen by the Field Guide or Outpost. Now, that is a company that cares.

Good Looking Graphics

With an almost blank slate to work with, we had the ability to build graphics from scratch. Using the vibrant and welcoming color palette, we wanted to give Viable Insights a look that would stand out in their industry and stand up to modern design. We took trends and morphed them into meaningful depictions of data, customized their website with flowing lines and unique shapes, and softened the stigma that follows evaluators by creating people-centric designs.

"Thank you sooooo much for your support this year. I enjoyed working with Kicks!"

Jill Tremmel, Co-Founder

About Juice Love + Happiness

juice love + happiness is a CBD oil company developed by Jill and Paul Trimmel. Their vision is to continuously enrich lives through their product integrity and their philanthropic operating model while providing the highest quality CBD products; nourishing their customers’ lives, naturally delivering optimal experiences through the ongoing research and development of hemp extractions.

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