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Just Tacos Time serves fresh, authentic Mexican food from their storefront in Carmel, IN. With some unconventional branding and a lightweight website, Kicks made sure their customers waste no time getting tasty tacos in their tummy.



Lean web design for meaty, meaty tacos

In our humble opinion, a good restaurant website should do two things: 1) Show you the menu, and 2) Get out of your way so you can order a tasty meal from that menu. That was our guiding principle when building Just Tacos Time’s brand new, mobile-friendly site.

We shoved Just Tacos Time’s menu front and center on their home page, so there are no clicks between their tacos and your mouth. We even included definitions so you don’t need to have the awkward “what the heck is chicken tinga?” conversation before ordering.

For further functionality, we added a contact page so users can find the restaurant and reach out for special orders. We also included a handy link to leave a review on Google. Once you’ve tried chef David’s carne asada, go ahead and leave that 5-star review he deserves.

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Traditional food, non-traditional branding

The flag of Mexico is pretty badass, if you ask us. An eagle eating a snake? Super metal. But just because there’s a lot to love about the green, white and red doesn’t mean it has to restrict your brand’s color pallet, as is the case with a lot of local Mexican restaurants.

David wanted his logo to speak to the roots of traditional Mexican food without leaning hard into the traditional color scheme. We whipped up branding with earthy tones that speak to the fresh, authentic ingredients his cooking is known for.

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With alignment on brand, audience and U/X, Kicks set up Risers For You for a big leap forward.

Risers For U/X

Selling a clean, simple product is only as clean and simple as your e-comm site. When we redesigned Risers’ website, we did it with a simple user experience in mind — especially considering the older end of the audience spectrum.

By leveraging WooCommerce, we helped Risers offer a customized shopping experience for their range of products. Users can easily filter to find the right leg shape, finish and size for their furniture.

Websites don’t need to be meaty to make a mighty impact. Just Tacos Time’s website is a testament to lean and efficient design — and their menu is a testament to some damn good cuisine.

Suzanne Makielski, Owner

About Just Tacos Time

Just Tacos Time serves fresh, authentic Mexican food from their storefront in Carmel. They’re open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and quickly became one of Kicks’ favorite takeout destinations.

If you’re selling on the web, kick it with Kicks. We can build a lean, mean website — and help you rethink your sales strategies while we’re at it.

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