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Full honesty: it can be tough out there. Linking Indy Women aims to make things a little easier by providing inspirational interaction among the women of Indianapolis each month. Over the last eight years, the group has encouraged women to come out of their shells, feel empowered, and grow into the strong leaders they are—they just needed a site and a style to match their mantra.



Storytelling that Speaks

Linking Indy Women has had some of the best and brightest female minds take their small Indy stage. Speaker content is varied and no topic is off-limits. Over the years, the organization has amassed a social, email, and event-based following. In its maturity, the brand needed to maintain the authenticity of their voice, but elevate future touchpoints to propel their momentum.

By engaging in the brand’s content, listening to guest speakers, and talking with the two owners, we learned how to champion their mission through content that uplifts, informs, and shares the purpose and schedule of Linking Indy Women each month. Let us tell your story.

A Look to Lock in Girl Power

Linking Indy Women needed branding to represent the strength, connection, femininity, and overall badassery of women of all ages—finding the balance was a tall order. By riffing off their logo, we created a friendly font, connected texts, and an approachable, unexpected color palette that gave the brand the perfect balance of inspiration and energy.

Responsiveness to Support a Community

With monthly meetings that usually encompasses a 50/50 split of returning and new participants, it was critical to make the site’s navigation simple and relevant. Our minimal, clean design allowed the most important information—upcoming events, speakers, and registration—to lead, with supporting organization details to follow. We can set your design up for success.

"You guys are so good! You NAILED it!"

Sarah Lacey, Founder of Linking Indy Women

About Linking Indy Women

Focusing on the unique, uplifting stories of women throughout the Indianapolis community, Linking Indy Women provide a safe and open environment for women to come together, learn from one another, and grow. The organization hosts guest speakers each month, allowing visitors to hear stories about strength, grit, and female empowerment. Today, there are thousands of women engaged in the group who look forward to sharing stories and inspiring strength.

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