Linking Indy Women

Each month, women of Indianapolis are provided an avenue to come together and are encouraged go off script. We partnered with Linking Indy Women to re-energize their vision and tell a strong digital story.

Connective Storytelling.

In 8 years, the group has had some of the best and brightest female minds take their small Indy stage. Speaker content is varied and no topic is off limits. Over the years, the organization has amassed a social, email and event-based following. Their organic traction has been incredible. In its maturity, Linking Indy Women wanted to maintain the authenticity of their brand voice, but elevate future touchpoints with the brand to build on their momentum. The group is run by 2 volunteers, who are full-time working women. Their plates are already full,  and managing multiple platforms (website, email, social and event registration) on top of coordinating speakers and logistics is a tall order!

Through conversations with Sarah and Ally, event goers, and listening to several speakers, we learned how the brand could be championed. In our partnership role, we really wanted to see a brand lift- freshen up their look, showcase upcoming and former speakers, and share their purpose so that Indianapolis women are aware and inspired to join Linking Indy Women each month.

A fresh look.

Approachability and connectivity are core components of Linking Indy Women. Building off of their former logo, this new concept uses ligatures, or connections between the letters, to emphasize the aspect of linking and connecting women together. The friendly font in the mark is paired with a bright and inspirational color scheme.

Responsive web design that supports a community.

The organization meets monthly, and attendance is usually split 50/50 between veteran attendees and newcomers. It’s critical to provide easy navigation and providing the most relevant information up front. Users want to know when the next event is, who is speaking and how to RSVP. Otherwise, those who want to learn more can continue to scroll to learn more about the mission and purpose. The design is minimal, clutter-free and elicits immediate engagement.

“You guys are so good! You NAILED it!”
– Sarah Lacey, Founder of Linking Indy Women


We created a logo that better represented the Linking Indy Women cause.

Web Design

The design is minimal, clutter-free and elicits immediate engagement.



We built a new email template designed to alert subscribers about upcoming events with the ability to RSVP.

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