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Indy is home to some killer videography talent, if you know where to look. To help get more eyes on their work and land more business, Mork Productions tapped Kicks to pump up their website with some SEO prowess and slick design.



SEO Takes Center Stage

When Mork Productions came to Kicks, they were already ranking pretty well for some relevant keywords, like “video production companies Indiana.” The issue was that their Services page didn’t have enough supporting copy to explain the depth of their expertise — and capture the attention of Google’s SEO crawlers.

After diving into some in-depth keyword research, we identified handfuls of phrases and terms that competitors weren’t taking advantage of — gaps in the armor, so to speak. Armed with that knowledge, Kicks rewrote Mork Productions’ website from the ground up to capitalize on those juicy keywords.

The result was a succinct, SEO-rich site that positioned our client to capture more organic traffic than ever before.

SEO with Kicks

Video Killed the Radio Star — And the Site Load Time

When you’re a video production company, showing off the awesome videos you’ve produced is pretty critical — but huge video file sizes caused Mork Productions’ site to slow to a crawl. Step one of their website redo was to compress video assets without sacrificing quality to enable quicker load times.

We also updated the site’s design philosophy, removing cluttered icons to let video take the spotlight. Each service is now paired with a custom demo reel to show off Mork Productions’ expertise, rather than leave it up to the audience’s imagination.

Kicks Graphic Design

With alignment on brand, audience and U/X, Kicks set up Risers For You for a big leap forward.

Risers For U/X

Selling a clean, simple product is only as clean and simple as your e-comm site. When we redesigned Risers’ website, we did it with a simple user experience in mind — especially considering the older end of the audience spectrum.

By leveraging WooCommerce, we helped Risers offer a customized shopping experience for their range of products. Users can easily filter to find the right leg shape, finish and size for their furniture.

Form doesn’t have to follow function

Building a website is usually a fine balancing act between functionality and design. The more stuff there is for users to do on a site, the easier it is to end up with a website that’s cluttered and hard to navigate.

Kicks went all out to make sure the Chamber’s new site looked and felt slick while packing it to the gills with functionality. Here’s just some of the tech we brought to the new site:

  • Ecomm

  • Bill pay

  • Events calendar

  • User-submitted events

  • Member portal

  • Membership cost calculator

  • User-submitted news

  • Ability for users to add other company members

Kicks Web Design

Your team put a lot of work into our website, and I think it looks amazing. The improvements are so nice to have! Thanks for being such a great partner.

Andrew Everhart, Director of Operations

About Mork Productions

Mork Productions is a video production and editing company specializing in short-form video content. Based in Indianapolis, Mork Productions helps organizations across the Midwest and the nation to communicate more effectively with their target audiences through engaging, highly creative video assets.

If you want more eyes on your site, you’ll want Kicks on your side.

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