When Paying for Clicks Pays Off

You’ve got the awe-worthy website, the graphics that make professionals swoon, and a brand that is ready to go to task—now what? If you can’t get users to come to you, all that beauty and important content is just hanging out in the digital atmosphere.

To make connections that lead to conversions, you need more than just a stellar brand, you need to market it. Pay Per Click Ads (PPCs) are like the big brother that gives you a boost when the candy jar is just out of reach. They support your brand, attract new customers, and generate leads that bring you more business—and that’s exactly why we incorporated PPCs into Chimney Solutions, Franklin Family Dentistry, Advance Electric, and Bauerle Roofing’s digital marketing strategies.

What we did

A Clean Sweep

A chimney services company wanted to expand their reach, brand and consumer base. Through thoughtful PPCs backed by powerful SEO, we were able to help the company grow exponentially in just one year. With an increased budget spend of $20k for the year, take a look at this chimney service's success in 2020:

Taking a Bite Out of the Market

This local dentist practice had an impeccable reputation and were renowned throughout Franklin Township—but they wanted to expand their services further. By adding Google Ads to their marketing plan, we were able to increase this dental practice's reach considerably. While 2020’s economic impact forced the dental practice to reduce their PPC cost by 22% (from $5,843 to $4,534), leading to a reduction in clicks (from 1,140 to 1,064), the team still saw an increase in patients and interaction—a significant success.

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Still not convinced? Read on.

Electric Company Lights Up

We helped this electric company rebrand and refresh their website a while ago—but they wanted to ensure they continued to grow as one of Indy’s leading eclectic companies. As part of their marketing efforts, we implemented paid ads, which have yielded extraordinary results year after year. Take a look at the upward momentum this electric company continues to see.

About Pay-Per-Click

This local roofing company has been a Kicks client for a long time. We helped them rebrand, build their website, and write monthly blogs as part of their content marketing efforts. For that extra, effective push, we execute and manage paid ads each year. The roofing company's growth has been continuous each year, their ads assisting the company in expanding their services to new customers. Even in a year with an economic downturn, which forced this roofing company to reduce it’s PPC spend from $18,200 to $16,300, leading to a decrease in clicks (from 7,692 to 3,524), their consumer base and interactions impressively grew.

If you are looking for more growth opportunities, brand awareness, leads, and conversions, we can help you build and execute a paid ad strategy fueled by quality keywords, backed by market research, and written to rank.

We’ll help you run targeted, optimized ads, bid better, and create quality content to increase your rank and score.

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