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A passion for woodworking and 30+ years of occupational therapy gave birth to a simple idea: that adding just a couple inches to a chair or couch’s legs adds a lot of independence to a senior citizen’s lifestyle. Kicks set out to put that same level of love and care into the marketing and e-commerce approach for Risers For You.



I Would Rise 4 U

Changing your company’s name after years in business is tough, even if that name never quite hit the mark. When we met Risers, their name was officially styled as Risers4U. Aside from sounding like a B-side from a Prince album, the styling of “4 U” felt too collegiate for a product with wider, stylish appeal.

With a variety of wood finishes and styles, the titular risers would look right at home in a West Elm catalog. By suggesting a simple name tweak, Kicks positioned Risers For You to rise to its full, fashion-forward potential.

Finding the Right Fit

Suzanne Makielski started building bespoke furniture risers after watching her 88-year-old aunt Betty struggle to get in and out of her favorite chair. Once her woodworking project became a business, Suzanne knew that senior citizens would remain her primary audience.

College students living in dorms were another obvious target, but a Kicks brainstorm uncovered another untapped audience segment: urban minimalists. Living in the city means making the most of tight spaces. Creative storage solutions are a must for small apartments, and the Risers value proposition fits that need like a glove. Plus, the clean aesthetic of the product fits naturally with today’s modern design sensibilities.

With alignment on brand, audience and U/X, Kicks set up Risers For You for a big leap forward.

Risers For U/X

Selling a clean, simple product is only as clean and simple as your e-comm site. When we redesigned Risers’ website, we did it with a simple user experience in mind — especially considering the older end of the audience spectrum.

By leveraging WooCommerce, we helped Risers offer a customized shopping experience for their range of products. Users can easily filter to find the right leg shape, finish and size for their furniture.

"It’s been amazing working with Kicks. They didn’t just help me with the design of my site, they helped me find new ways to build my business."

Suzanne Makielski, Owner

About Risers For You

What started as a personal and passionate endeavor quickly expanded into a mighty cause for the masses. Born from 30+ years in occupational therapy, Risers For You makes furniture more functional through all stages of life.

If you’re selling on the web, kick it with Kicks. We can build a lean, mean website — and help you rethink your sales strategies while we’re at it.

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