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Lifting a Brand that Builds Strong, Healthy Lifestyles

Working out is one thing, but finding a supportive, uplifting fitness community is another. Summit Fitness is a gym that gave members a place to build their bodies as well as relationships, creating a haven to build healthier, more confident humans. Summit has successfully sold and is no longer active.



Making a Mark With Meaning

The Summit team wanted their brand to reflect their actual mission, which is to create an experience that builds the very best qualities in people: fun, hard-working, and connected to a community where everyone is welcome. Summit isn't afraid to stand up or stand out, so we designed a mark that can stand alone or tie into their full name with a color palette as empowering and energetic as the people who built Summit. Let's create a logo that represents and revitalizes your brand.

Show Don’t Tell

In their website refresh, Summit Fitness leaned into demonstrating their proof points. They choose to display the impact of membership by the numbers. They show their results, feature member videos, which highlight their individual perspectives and results, embrace a transparent pricing model, and give 10% of member dues to two worthy organizations each month. When you seek excellence, you leave evidence of that pursuit in your path. We relied on design to bring that evidence to the forefront.

Mission-Driven Content Drives SEO

The coaches at Summit Fitness have made a commitment to meet their members where they are; literally and figuratively. From a friendly greeting to a fitness newcomer or some podcast inspiration from a fitness veteran, Summit wants to be an uplifting and real resource that uses their knowledge for the greater good. In providing shareable, original content, they're carving out their space as an expert in the Indy fitness market. We wanted to give their content a place to call home, so they can continue to spread their goodness like confetti on social platforms. The right content makes all the difference. We'll show you how.

“Honestly, when we first started thinking about a brand update, I was really hesitant to change too much about our logo or colors. Our community really loves what we offer, and I was worried about making it feel like too big of a change. Kicks came in and did a great job of modernizing our logo, refining our colors, and doing a full website overhaul to align our mission with what we’re putting out into the world. I’m so happy with how it turned out, and where it will take us from here.”

Jason Kivett, Co-Owner

About Summit Fitness

Summit Fitness is an Indianapolis gym dedicated to helping its members lead fuller, healthier lives. Their physical location is a second home to their members—a home where everyone is welcome. Summit’s Coaching team assists their members in and out of class. This team also does macronutrient training, online cooking classes, endless online resources, benefits Indy SurvivOars helping breast cancer survivors focus on health and physical activity, as well as New Hope of Indiana, sharing functional fitness classes to adults with intellectual disabilities.

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