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Viable Insights is a tight knit team of incredibly intelligent researchers, evaluators, and data analysts that help organizations grow—but you wouldn’t know it from their brand. Muted colors and a voice that didn’t reflect the energetic, welcoming, smart personalities of the team were a combination that made Viable Insights viably forgettable. By partnering with their team to talk through who they wanted to be, conducting immersive client interviews, competitor research, and focusing on industry trends, we were able to completely do away with the old and welcome the new.



An Icon With Impact

As the overarching visual element in the Viable Insights brand, their logo felt dated and dull compared to the vibrant team and their brilliant brains. We took into account the people behind the brand and brought their enthusiasm and energy to the forefront with a colorful, contemporary logo.

Friendly Functionality

To gain more clients and potential customers, Viable Insights needed a site that made who they are, what they do, and how they do it immediately clear. They also needed to help those unfamiliar with the evaluation field understand their services without sounding condescending—something this team is not.

We created navigation based on UX/UI to create a simple and linear flow for users to digest information. The website now guides users in an easy and engaging way. Adding chatbot technology, an event calendar, and a schedule for courses offered allows Viable Insights to effectively connect, communicate, and interact with their clients. Let's talk about we can improve your website functionality.

Good Looking Graphics

With an almost blank slate to work with, we had the ability to build graphics from scratch. Using the vibrant and welcoming color palette, we wanted to give Viable Insights a look that would stand out in their industry and stand up to modern design. We took trends and morphed them into meaningful depictions of data, customized their website with flowing lines and unique shapes, and softened the stigma that follows evaluators by creating people-centric designs.

"We started our project with Kicks prepared to be super involved — knowing that even we were struggling to define what made us different. By the end of their background research, it was clear we engaged a group of partners. Their expertise and understanding of our services set the foundation for our rebrand and website design. The process forced us to really consider how we speak to our work and better understand how others perceive what we do and how we do it. The Kicks team as a whole is magic — each of them bringing a unique perspective and sharp skills to the process."

Deven Wisner, Partner Viable Insights

About Viable Insights

Viable Insights partners with organizations to conduct research, collect and analyze data, and use results to improve project performance and growth. They work to break down data to make it easy to understand, use it to implement new ideas to foster growth, and decipher results to create more purposeful and effective projects based on data-driven insights.

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