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May 2nd, 2017 Updates

We have a new company name, but our faces haven’t changed (much). We’ve only added to our team to better serve our clients and community. When I joined this team almost four years ago, I could not have imagined where we are now. I am so proud to work alongside some of the most formidable, audacious and intelligent creatives in Indy. As it happens, they are great people too.

At Kicks Digital Marketing, what we do is as important to us as who is doing the work. The tech space can overlook people, connectivity, and personal relationships. For us, our connections will always be paramount. Our clients follow that same mantra and we’re proud to have that in common. Our digital marketing solutions solve people problems. Our team members and clients matter and they inform the decisions we make as a business. Let me tell you about our team.

Meet Matt Turow, CEO

Matt is a web ninja. There is no one better at taking an idea from concept to creation. As it pertains to development, he’s precise and quick. Matt has had critical involvement in countless name-drop worthy projects. From presidential campaigns to 24/7 news cycles, Matt is experienced and dynamic. He always looks for ways to be more efficient. It’s not uncommon for someone on our team to say, “it’d be nice if we could ____.” Matt replies with swift action. He’s not the guy to talk about the problem. He’s the guy that solves the problem. Matt is a tremendous asset to our team, our clients and to me as a business partner and friend.

Meet Kristen Mast, Design Lead

Kristen is our resident creative and is such a unique talent. She’s honed her craft and is never satisfied. We love that about her. Kristen is a Herron School of Art + Design graduate. She continues to add skill and agility to her bag of artistic tricks. Our clients love the work that Kristen produces. She pushes us and them toward stronger design and user-experience. Her branding work is so perfectly her own; witty, original and uncluttered. Kristen is pure joy and speaks only to improve the silence. The world needs more Kristen.

Meet Abbigail Jones, Site Creation

Abbigail builds the sites that Kristen designs. In doing so, she becomes invested in our client’s success. It’s natural then that she trains and supports our clients once we launch their sites. Her intelligence and kind demeanor make her a fantastic client asset. To boot, she has contagious laughter and a great eye for design. She loves singer-songwriters and has a nerd-like curiosity for podcast worthy topics. I’d consider Abbigail a triple threat of sorts, there is nothing that she cannot do. She’s one of my most favorite humans.

Meet Josh Donelson, Marketing Strategist

Josh sets the tone for each project. He works one-on-one with each of our clients from the onboarding process to the launch of their site. He’s a true client advocate. He pushes for continued excellence from our team and our clients. Josh questions everything and seeks to understand; so, he makes supported decisions. Josh can play more than a handful of instruments. He loves photography, dogs, travel, and the outdoors. He can’t stand it when people are easily offended and his disdain amuses me to my core. For many reasons, we’re glad to have him in our corner.


Meet… ME? Brooke Heffernan, Partnership Director

How does one describe themselves? I refuse to try. Chances are if you are a partner, a client or potential client our paths will cross if they haven’t already. I’ll say this about myself. I’ve worked with various teams. I've sold products and projects at enterprise levels, but I’ve never been more proud to work with a group of people. Or, more proud of work that we are producing. Every day I wake up excited about our team, our client's success and the work that is in front of us. I’m grateful. I’m optimistic and we're only beginning.

Our team looks to strengthen our existing client relationships and forge new connections. We love Indy and its local business community. We love all things the web, music, dogs, Converse and making new friends. Reach out, we can’t wait to meet you.

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