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Jun 23rd, 2017 SEO

“Content is King” is a phrase that is not dying anytime soon. There are some businesses who still don’t realize the benefit of having well-crafted strategic content written for them. A well strategized digital marketing plan includes the use of strong SEO and keyword rich content. Letting the professional write this content is a great way to maximize your return on increased engagement, lead generation and an asset to your sales funnel to name a few benefits.


What can content creation really do for you?

A 2017 Hubspot report found that “47% of buyers viewed 3 - 5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep.” Content is important because your visitors dictate that it is important. Creating the right content can help lay the groundwork to turn that visitor into a real lead for your business. That’s the return on your investment. Content can help make your phone ring. Content can help get people to your door. Content can inform visitors about your product or service.

Creating quality content that brings your audience value is what you are looking for. When you give your audience value, they will become very valuable to you. There are a lot of marketing strategies that leverage paid advertising to get your brand’s message out. When a visitor shares a blog post or a piece of content you created, that is priceless. That is marketing results that you can not pay for. Someone read your post or saw your piece of content and shared it purely based on the fact that it was good content. It was valuable to your audience. People respond to those referrals in big ways.

Why you should let the professionals write your digital content.

The internet is big. The internet is weird. The Internet is very crowded. Everyone is fighting for attention. Getting, growing and keeping attention is how your business wins. If you aren’t working on getting the attention of your audience, your competitor is working to get that attention. Letting professional content writers create content is an investment that can really pay off. Partnering with a professional digital marketing group can help in making sure that your content is set-up to be an asset to your business.

Professional content writers will know how to make sure the content gets shown to the right people at the right time. The secret is that that is no secret to writing this content. Our Partnership Director, Brooke Heffernan, has a saying that if you gave her the assembly instructions for a Honda and all the tools and pieces then she could probably put it together, but wouldn't drive it cross country.  The same applies to your content writing for marketing purposes. Yes, you can start a blog, write words, and hit the publish button, but you probably won’t be able to use it as a real tool in your marketing strategy.


Content writing is not just about writing words.

SEO, SMO, Keyword Ranking, and strategic linking are just a few of the things you have to think about when writing content for your website. That is in addition to making sure the content is engaging to your readers that get their attention. That is in addition to making sure that the content is informative and on-brand. Basically, it is more than just writing words.

The goal of creating content is for search engines to be able to pick-up that content and display it to the billions of people who are searching the web. There are specific rules and strategies to make sure that your content is competitive enough to rank the highest in the search results. Combining all the things necessary for great content is why it is worth to pay the professionals to do it for you. Not only will it save you from being pulled away from the business, but will assure maximum structured results.


3 things to prepare for working with a content writer:

1. Content Calendar

This is a way to organize and plan content for a specific amount of time. Normally it is best to do this quarterly, as it allows time to plan accordingly and still be able to make adjustments based on business needs. It also helps to know what promotions or key business times are for your brand. This will help in strategizing content for you.

2. Key Word and Topic Search

It is a good idea to have an idea of what exactly you are offering and what is your best selling product or services. This will help your content writer know where to start when planning content for your business. The more information the best when working with a professional content writer.

3. Social Media

Having content created, and distributing it goes hand in hand. Yes, visitors might find your content through organic search, but you need distribution. Having social channels set-up is a great way to get content out to people who follow or like your brand. Hopefully, those same people will also share and recommend your product or service based upon the content. Having those channels set-up and growing is a step in the right direction.


To dive deeper into Key Word Research check out: https://kicksdigitalmarketing.com/what-is-keyword-research/

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