Calls to Action: How to Get More Clicks on CTAs

Jul 11th, 2017 Marketing

A compelling CTA, or call to action, is the direct connection between you and your audience. Finding the right placement, text, and even color all play a huge role in the potential success or failure of your CTA. But why are CTAs so important?

CTAs are everywhere

Calls to action do not just live on your website, they are sprinkled all over the internet. If a user finds you through social media, what do you think they clicked on? That's right, a call to action. Writing compelling social posts and tieing into your product or service can help move users to take action that you've listed on your Facebook page or some sort of advertisement. Round up all of your social profile and listings and make sure the CTAs are primed for users to click.

CTAs are the key goal in your customer journey

When you are planning your marketing and advertising objective, you want to set goals for your efforts. This can be getting users to click the ad, view the content, and finally, fill out the form or make a phone call. Goal tracking is used to help you follow a potential customer's journey. As the user navigates to your website and is gripped by the headlines and copy, the final step before contact is your CTA.

Placing your CTA in the right spot on the page or at the right point of the content will help move your customer along in the buyer journey.

CTAs stress urgency

If you've planned an event or are running a sale on specific products, you can place a sense of urgency on the potential buyer by including language that dictates timelines. This will help the user understand that time is of the essence rather than giving them the notion that they can do it later.

Shooting yourself in the foot with CTAs

If you've landed on a page that holds only images and texts with no direction, you don't know where to go. Users need seamless, easy-to-follow landing pages, otherwise, they will likely leave. Think of how you would make it easy for the laziest person to use your site. They aren't going to think, "hmmm, they are right. Now, let me find that contact form." They want it all there in one spot. Make sure each landing page is reinforced with CTAs that promote form fills and phones.

Understanding the importance of a call to action seems like a no-brainer, but speaking to your audience in a way that they will respond takes time and testing. Putting the time in to develop successful landing pages will help frame the content and the CTAs will follow. To learn about how you can start winning with compelling CTAs, fill out the form below and let's chat.

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