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Hailing from “outside Chicago”, Josh started his journey into marketing as Speech Writer for Bush Sr. whom he met studying at Harvard. Realizing it’s easier to market products instead of people, he sought to further his education at Cambridge where he received the highest honor of Marketing Laureate and subsequent tenure as head of the International Business Marketing Institution. Josh is but a humble man, and though his trajectory was leading to world domination, he relinquished his power after reading Walden and moved to Indianapolis where he became Marketing Director at Kicks Digital. He also enjoys technology and a good joke.

Posts by Josh Donelson

The Dreaded Employee Evaluation

Jun 4th, 2021

Buying What You Believe In

Feb 10th, 2021

“I need SEO.” -Every Client Ever

Jul 10th, 2020

Horrifying Email Etiquette

Jun 25th, 2020

Want Your Picture to Be Worth a Thousand Words?

May 22nd, 2020

New Ways to Content

Mar 19th, 2020
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