2018 Indianapolis Networking Events (For Women!)

Jan 11th, 2018 Updates

In 2018, we’re diving further into personal and professional development by getting out of our comfort zones and connecting with others. Meeting new people and getting in touch with the community is so revitalizing. Now more than ever, women in Indy and across the country are working together to promote one another and (btw the wage gap in Indiana increased by 2% last year!) these events do just that.

I know, sometimes the day of a ‘networking’ event (we don’t love the word but it gets the idea across) the dreaded feeling of having plans and being pushed to be social comes on- but then you show up, connect with the right people serendipitously and you’ve found a new friend, prospect, or future employer. Hint: It’s not serendipitous. YOU made that happen. 

We’ve curated a list of upcoming events to help you connect to other professional, creative women in Indianapolis and keep moving forward in 2018!


Linking Indy Women Presents: Finding Myself Through Food

Jan 17  // 7:30a-9a

The Linking Indy Women mission is to inspire women by sharing personal stories, connecting, and providing real business experiences- and Erica Ballard is speaking next. Erica is a healthy living expert and coach (and all around-sweetheart). This is worth a drop-in whether your relationship with food is tumultuous and you’re seeking perspective from someone who has been there, or you’d just like to start your Monday morning with a bagel, coffee, and a few new faces. Plus, it’s at The Hatch in Broadripple which is a relaxing, warm environment- seriously, they should change their name to ‘The Hygge’.

It’s FREE. Register here.


Creative Mornings: Shellye Suttles

Photo Courtesy of  Creative Mornings 

Jan 26 // 8:30a-10a

We talk about Creative Mornings a lot because we love them! It’s a short, impactful, consistent, free event each month that our whole team can go to. The Ted Talk style speaking events range in topics from grieving to creative inspiration to small business struggles. As they say at Creative Mornings, ‘Everyone is welcome’ (to donuts and coffee).

They meet at different locations around Indy- Central Library, Speakeasy, and Keep Indianapolis Beautiful to name a few. This is a place to make friends and get some insight into the lives and businesses thriving in Indy.

Registration opens Monday the week of every event. Click here to read more about the speaker and sign up for email notifications when to register! The tickets go fast but you can be added to the waitlist which usually works out for us.



Indy Lettering Workshop by PANDR Design Co.

Photo Courtesy of  PANDR

Feb 18 // 10:30a-12:30p 

Okay, so this one is loosely professional development but who DOESN'T want to to take a hand lettering workshop by two super cool creative chicks? They’re a design team out of California who create murals for businesses utilizing hand lettering techniques. Check out the video on their homepage to learn more about them and the impact a mural can have on a small business *cough* social media engagement *cough*.

Register for the workshop here! Psst. I’ll be there.


2017-2018 Marilyn K. Glick Women's Enrichment Series: Martha Hoover

Feb 22 // 5p-8p

Can we be best friends with Martha Hoover? Maybe some of her greatness will rub off on us- at least that’s what we’re hoping for at this lecture. This series of talks by women who have ‘broken the mold’, or yolk, in this case, is one to mark on your calendar. Martha is responsible for the Patachou family of restaurants and everything she touches turns to gold. Crispy, flakey gold.

Register here!


2018 Women in Business Retreat

March 8-9 

You down with W.I.B.? (Yeah you know me!) A countdown has begun on their website to a two-day event at The Alexander Hotel. Last year’s retreat was packed with speakers, breakout sessions, yoga, coffee, and cocktails. Sponsored by the Indy Chamber, it will be a great opportunity to take a day or two to refocus, gain insight, and come back to work with a fresh outlook.

Register here!

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