When to Rebrand (And When to Stay the Same)

Feb 1st, 2018 Design

When we say rebrand, we’re talking about doing an inventory of who you are as a company. Rebranding requires an audit of your mission and what you offer, and then applying those changes to your name, logo, or both. Depending on a variety of factors, changes can range from a facelift to an overhaul. Ask yourself, “Is the brand currently representing who we are as a company?” Or, “Is our brand holding us back?”

Does your look match who you are?

What story is your brand telling? Is it an accurate one? Is it an old story, or one that is still relevant? People evolve, culture evolves, and so do missions. Make sure your branding follows suit.

Have your services changed or expanded?

If what you're offering has changed, it's likely your target audience has changed as well. If you want to tell people, 'Hey, we’re different. We’re refreshed and revamped, things are changing'- then, yes, it may be time for a brand update or complete rebrand.

Does the company have new leadership or a new owner?

While it’s tempting to put your own mark on the business but unless big changes are happening, it’s best to stand by your brand.  If things are staying relatively the same i you could unnecessarily lose the trust of loyal customers. Consider small updates- putting a new twist on your current brand, but keeping your colors and overall feel.

Are you bored with your brand?

It happens. You get a new logo and branding material and you run out to make business cards and t-shirts, then the luster wears off. It’s tempting to change your name or go another direction with your logo for something 'new', but if it’s still telling your story and you’re building brand recognition and trust, it’s the wrong move to rebrand. Maybe get a haircut instead.

Supposedly Bob Ross hated his curly 'fro- but you know what? He kept it for branding purposes.

Are you a startup?

We’ve seen fresh companies with relatively new branding decide after year that they’re not seeing the growth they thought they would and that a new logo or name could fix the issue. In rare cases of poor brand planning and execution on the front end, this could be true, but a new name or logo will likely not be the fix for sales dips or lack of brand recognition.

Before a rebrand, consider your marketing strategy and consult a professional. People need time to become familiar with a new businesses and it can be confusing or seem like you’re unreliable if the brand is going through changes before it’s even established.

Are you unsure of the direction of the company?

Changing your name or logo will not create automatic stability or give your company a clear trajectory. Branding will not give you direction. Having a clear direction creates great branding.

Are people very familiar with your brand?

Tread softly. People get attached and familiarity is comfortable and vital in building brand awareness, but if it’s just NOT who you are anymore then update it- they will adapt.

Finally- Can you afford it?

Consider all costs associated with rebranding. If it’s half-baked, that will be clear and it will be more hurtful than helpful.

Need some advice or help with a branding project? We'd love to talk with you.

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