The 5 Love Languages of Your Customers

Feb 13th, 2019 Advertising, Marketing, Trends

As an agency, we value equality. In simple terms, we appreciate equitable exchanges in status, rights, and opportunity in each interaction we have with our employees, clients and their respective clients. However, embracing this value does not mean that we automatically adopt or understand where the party or person is coming from, but it means that we hear it and we validate it proportionately. As a gentle reminder, not everyone thinks, shops, buys, or obtains information the way that you do. As people, we generalize and tend to surround ourselves with like-minded thinkers. If your goal is to market broadly, even if you’ve got a niche target market, this can be a fatal mistake. Therefore, as businesses and marketers, always remember that sometimes your assumptions about how you think a person should find their way to your idea or company is skewed with your undeniable bias. The trick to a thoughtful, holistic marketing strategy is to make sure you’re hitting all 5 love languages.

The notion of the 5 Love Languages spawned from a philosophical relationship book helping couples to identify their love languages, as well as their partners so that they can make each other feel more loved. Similarly, marketers want to make sure that target audiences feel the love that is intended for them to receive. Too often, we see companies make assumptions about how people want to receive information and purchase instead of listening and then creating the framework to thrive. One final piece of context, you may receive love one way, yet give it another way. Human behavior is very puzzling.

The 5 Love Languages of Your Customers

“IF YOU REALLY LOVE ME, I SHOULD FEEL LOVED." You might be giving the love, but if it’s falling on deaf ears- here are ways to engage across the board so that the love that you’re giving is landing.

Receiving Gifts

Loyalty programs, discounts, coupons or other special offers are highly motivating for those who like to receive gifts, but also for those who are shopping for people who respond to this love language. For some industries, these can be hard to derive. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and to try a few things before ruling out the administration of this love language.

Words of Affirmation

Consistent blog posts, email marketing, and social media engagement are ways to reach your audience with your words. The single most important consideration here is that your communication is fluid in both ways. If someone engages with your brand, make the time and prioritize proportionate responses.

Example: Brand makes a social media post. A person makes a comment on that post. At the very least the brand should ‘like’ the person's comment. At most, the brand should engage with a follow-up comment or resource to further build that connection.

Physical Touch

Reach out and touch somebody. We’re kidding; however, brands can create physically interactive experiences for consumers day- to- day.

Example: Lush Cosmetics is highly interactive with their client base. If you don't already- give them a follow. They’re hitting all of the love language highlights which explains why their clientele is so broad even though their brand is so specific. When you walk into any of their retails spaces you’re invited to touch, feel, sample or activate any of their products. Any time you’re able to demonstrate your brand in use you’re communicating effectively to those physical touchers.

Acts of Service

Volunteerism, community event engagement and deserving giveaways that give back. Our most empathetic audiences are moved and inspired by this type of outreach. In marketing and in relationships, this love language is best served authentically. No one sees through disingenuous giving like a social media audience. So, make sure you aren’t overselling but accurately sharing in your comfort zone.

Quality Time

Whether it’s spending time up front to set proper expectations, or offering excellent customer service and support- it’s imperative that you put in the time. Efficiency and profitable output are critical for any company's success, but so is taking the time to make sure that you’re on the pulse of your consumers' needs.

Always remember, your customer is someone else’s prospect. Activating each of these languages will help you and your brand establish long-term relationships with your intended audiences. In marketing, intention doesn’t matter- the result does.

Love is love- we mustn't judge it, but embrace it in all its forms.

-the resident matchmaker

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