How to Create Irresistible Ads

Jul 29th, 2019 Advertising, Trends

Ads are more engaging than they’ve ever been, and yet we all go through hoops to avoid them. It makes sense why we’ve evolved away from them with ample streaming services and subscription models, but now and again, something slips through the cracks and grabs your attention. Ads were designed to be disruptive but specific. They’re designed to speak to specific individuals, trigger emotion, give meaning to the brand, and inspire action (or desire). The brands who do that best are timeless. Their products and services become iconic in our minds because there is something so compelling about their message.

7 qualities of a great ad:

  1. It’s impactful
  2. It’s memorable, with easy recall
  3. It’s concise, and not overwhelming
  4. It’s accurate and quickly describes “what”
  5. It’s intentional and forms a connection with the specific audience
  6. It includes prominent branded elements, like logos and/or phrases
  7. It has the ability to take action- easily

A powerful ad, though time-consuming and complicated to create- should feel effortless.

We know. It’s much easier said than done. Many obstacles get in the way of creative, original, well-produced AND THEN strategically delivered ads. There are a lot of checkboxes to cover. Many business owners would agree that not only should marketing work hand in hand, but when it is working in tandem, the result is unmatched.

Some foundational elements need to be in working order before you’re ready to start throwing money behind ad design or video production. Make sure that your branding house is in order. Campaigns can fail if they’re too far outside of the ‘norm.’ Also, the client has to deliver. Proper preparation makes for a more successful ad campaign. Even if you’re working with an experienced digital marketing firm who can help you establish a budget, audience segmentation, and mediums- we don’t recommend going at it alone.

Important ad considerations before you begin:

  • What’s the objective? Is it unique enough? What about you and your offer or education is different?
  • What type of imagery best represents your brand/product/service and will resonate with your audience at the same time?
  • Does your title or headline include your unique selling objective?
  • Have you created several combinations of the ad? Be prepared for trial and error.
  • Do you have enough budget to support your efforts?
  • Are you willing to invest the time it takes to learn and improve? It’s easy to grow impatient.

  • Ads that recently left an impression on us:

    1. Prudential's witty logic

    While you might be familiar with Prudential as a company, this ad message is unique. It appeals to both the technically inclined and the technologically fearful demographic. The underlying call to action is that retirement planning is imperative. The message and the aesthetic are simple. It’s not overwhelming; it’s clear, concise, and branded. It checks all of the creative and functional boxes.

    2. La Columbe's striking visuals

    La Columbe Coffee is a 25-year-old company. Their product is good, and its marketing follows suit. This ad speaks to the accessibility of their product and quality. The stark color contrast demonstrates what caffeine lovers want on demand. They want the product, and they want to avoid the preparation of that product. Their unique stance is that they can fulfill a need that few can, and they demonstrate it in a clear cut way.

    3. Nike's empowering plea


    Nike’s Dream Crazier commercial meets the mark. Nike is an iconic, heroic, bold brand. The images resonate with women, athletes, survivors, and champions. While this ad doesn’t push a specific product - Nike doesn’t have to. Their brand is universal. The Nike brand is living out its mission, vision, and tagline - “Just Do It.” Their ads aren’t about their products; they are about empowering the people who wear their products.

    We’d love to hear from you. What are your favorite ads?

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